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Unit 10

Photojournalism 2

The colour drained moroccan streets of tangier.dsc_0465


Photojournalism 1

New born reindeer at Centre Parcs eating one winter morning.


Evaluation – Unit 10

In the last few weeks I have been producing a portfolio of work, which includes;

  • Five 250-500 word written pieces with quotes.
  • Multimedia package.
  • A blog.
  • A review.
  • Two photojournalism submissions.

In this evaluation I’m going to talk about key principles of journalistic writing and what I did throughout writing all my pieces of work.

Some of these stories have been written differently, some are news stories which include interviews and a formal style. Some are features that have a more relaxed style but are still topical to the target audience. Finally some are photojournalism pieces, all three of these ways of writing include one thing which is opinions both mine and other peoples.

I self sourced most of my stories, there was only a couple that I used the Internet for. For example when writing and producing my Halloween piece I came up with the idea because it was the time of year and I used youtube to help me with a style which is It was different when writing my Brexit vs home article, I came up with and sourced this piece when the UK left the EU so it again was a current event .

I used the Internet to find out facts and figures, but mainly I used interviewing to find out what I needed to know and because I went to interview people I made sure that I talked to my target audience age range.  The stories that I have written about are relevant to the audience because they are all current topics and things that people talk about all the time. I have used both types of research when writing my articles. Primary, I have gone out and interviewed people and got there opinions on the subject. Secondary, I have used the internet and website to help me get the facts and figures right. When thinking about what to write I thought about both me interests and my audience, I had to write articles that I was interested in and willing to spend time on but also the audience was going to like and read and I think I got that balance right.

When thinking about ethical standards, the only one that I could have come across is copyright but I made sure that any quote or image I used was copyright free.

When writing my articles I ensured accuracy and meeting deadlines but keeping to a schedule of having a minimum amount done by a specific time or day. I kept this accurate by keeping the same standard of writing though out.  When conducting interviews I keep it light hearted so the people that I was talking to felt comfortable with talking, so it was very informal and quick but still been professional.

I knew the information that I was picking out was key because it was interesting for me, I thought if I was captured by what I was reading then my target audience would be too. When it came to the concept of planning the only thing I did was think about what I was going to write before starting it, I didn’t write anything down, which is something that I would change if I had to go back. I think the blog piece was easier not better, just because it was all my own opinions that I could get down on paper.

When it comes to strengths and weaknesses about my copy I think there is a couple. I think my strength is Blogs and when it comes to writing my own opinions, I think this is because I just find it easy to get them opinions down on paper and because I am a opinionated person I always have one. Looking at weaknesses that would have to be my interviews because I think I could have gotten more information out of the people I were talking to, this would have giving me more to have a opinion about. Another strength would be time management because I personally think I am good at getting pieces of work done to a specific time.

I do think my work would be fit for publishing becasue the content I have written about is relevant to my target audience and If I was the reader, I would find it interesting and would want to read it. The only problem that I faced when producing my copy was the interview I did on the Black Friday piece because at one point when I tried to interview the lady it was very busy and at one point I thought I was going to be unable to complete it.

When looking back on my work, the only thing I would have done differently is to plan out my copy and story ideas before starting to produce them. This might have give me a more direct focus on how to write the article I was doing at the time.

Simple Cocktails To Try At Home

Everyone loves a drink, if its the weekend and your really going for it or if its just a night In the week when you’ve gone out for a meal.

Cocktails have been around for hundreds of years and there a great way to enjoy having a drink, with so many flavours and tastes its hard to choose which one is for you.

But if your wanting to get in to you cocktails then theres nothing better than to get making them at home and experiment.

Here are just a couple in this short film with all the measurements and information about them.

Are Dogs Really Mans Best-friends?

To put it simply, dogs are amazing and to some people their dogs are there life.

Whether they’re begging for your food, barking at their lead to convince you to take them on a walk, or simply greeting you when you get home with kiss and a cuddle, dogs do all of the little things that put smiles on faces around the home.

One of the main reasons dogs are how they are being there incredible long term memory.

They won’t forget the connection they share with you and, if you are good to them, you will leave a lasting impact on them that they’ll never shake off.

Another reason is that they will protect you no matter what.

If you are under threat they will always choose you over a stranger.

Wanting to find if people think dogs are really man’s best friend I talked to two people with very different opinions.

Megan Wallace (19) a journalism student from Barnsley said: “dogs are only loyal because you feed them, walk them and keep them warm.

“if it wasn’t for us doing that I don’t think they would care.”

Miya Biggin (17) a journalism student from Sheffield said differently: “I think that dogs are mans best friend because they are loyal and when you are feeling sad they can sense it.

“they comfort you and are always there.”

She added: “however, I think that loyalty and love depends on the breed of the dog.

“I find that big breed like Labradors are more loving and dependable.”dsc_0765

Horrifying Halloween Make-up

Horrifying Halloween makeup –

Halloween seems to be always just round the corner and some people all over the world are obsessed with scaring the living daylight out of people. People just love feeling scared all year round, there’s always a new horror on the TV or at the cinema that will make you jump out of your skin.

To scare someone you have to look the part and people train for years to be great at special effects and making people look terrifying.

Miya Biggin (17) a journalism student from Hillsborough College took her amazing skill to make me look incredibly scary, watch the short video to find out when she realized she had this skill.


Christmas Is Here!

When someone says winter what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Christmas, loved by millions year on year.

It’s the one season when you can fully indulge in the festive spirit without been judged.

It’s the only time when you can get all the decorations down from storage and get creative, the only time you can truly eat what you want and not be frowned upon because it’s Christmas.

I recently took a trip to my favourite place when the dark nights are rolling in and the air is crisp, Centre Parcs.

As soon as it gets to November the lights go up and the Santa songs are pumped out across the grounds, it really does get this festive season off to a good start.

This is one of my favourite things about going, you can experience a little time with all the lights and the cosy fires to kick start Christmas.

Some people see this time of year as a chore and annoying but I feel like if you start it off early to get you in a good mood it makes it so much more enjoyable

Putting a side all the major events in your home at this time of year, a big one for the retailers is there festive items and marketing them.

Starbucks, Costa and even the fast food chains like McDonald’s have jumped on the wagon of making the cups and packaging look extra joyful when it gets to this time of year.

People go crazy over the little changes at this time of year, especially in 2015 when Starbucks released just plain red cups, people were devastated not to have their tall latte in a cup with reindeer or a pattern on it.

Speaking to a Christmas lover I wanted to find out what she thought about these products.

Jodie (15) a secondary school student said; “I love drinking my white chocolate mocha anyway at this time of year but having a festive cup to have it in is a nice extra.”

She added;” I think people did over react in 2015 but I can see where they are coming from, Starbucks could have put a bit more effort in.”dsc_0230

Brexit Effects Household Items

Since Britain was voted to leave the EU many house hold favourites have been affected, from Toblerone to Marmite.

People have been in outrage over the popular manufacturer, Toblerone, after they changed the shape and weight of the iconic chocolate bar. They said it was due to the ingredients costing more but who believes that? Basically we are having to pay the same price as we did a year ago but for a lot less chocolate and that’s all we care about.

The manufacturers of Marmite have also upset fans and supermarkets due to them raising the price of their product, coursing some of them to stop selling the stuff. Other brands have put their prices up Birds Eye as much as 12p and it may not seem a lot but when you’re a fan of fish fingers and peas every penny adds up.


Black Friday

It was the last Friday before December and shops were getting prepared for it.

Commonly known as Black Friday, the prices are slashed and the discounted are huge but stock is normally limited.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November) since 1932.

It has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S.

For us here in the UK it’s a new term when it comes to cheap items, it was first seen here in 2013 at the popular retailer ASDA.

Every year some people take things too far and the crazy discounts drive people to doing things they wouldn’t normally do for a TV.

The first year Britain got Black Friday there was reports of fights and riots for the smallest of items.

There was one shocking story in 2014 of a man getting crushed by a large LED TV falling from the shelfs, so you need to be willing to muscle in for them deals.

A hotel chocolat shop floor worker said; “its black Friday and its not as busy as I thought it would have been, I’m glad its not packed thought”

She added; “its just really upsetting to see the videos of what its like in America. People die just from shopping its stupid to even think about that happening but it does.”


Beef VS Veggie

1 – Beef vs veggie –

There are many types of different burgers in Sheffield, most of them are either beef or veggie.

I took a friend to the British Oak in Mosborough to try out their beef burger and veggie burger.

The beef was layered with brisket caramelized onion is and Stilton topping, whilst the Veggie option was a feta, red onion and spinach patty with cheese.

Both burgers looked incredible, juicy, moist and a pleasure on the eyes.

Megan (19) a journalism student from Hillsborough college went for the veggie burger, whilst I even got the beef.

The beef was tender and succulent everything you want in a burger! It was well presented and a great portion just enough to fill you up but not too much that you can’t move for a week after you’ve finished.

Megan said “I was very optimistic to try the veggie burger at first as I am a big meat eater. However, to my surprise I thought that the veggie burger was even more filling than most other burgers iv tried. It didn’t look as appealing as other burgers, but it tasted great!”

After talking to someone who just eats the burger, I went too talk to the guys that make the burgers.

Talking to a chef at the pub they said: “The beef burger is easily the most popular burger out of the two, both are very nice and taste amazing.”

Over all we love trying just two of the burgers Sheffield has to offer and are looking forward to trying more.

Apple’s New Mac

Apple have just released a new MacBook which is great to the fans of the world, but for us here in the UK there a sickening fact we all have to face.

Its going to cost us just a little bit more, a little been an understatement.

In America you will be able to purchase one of these machines for $1799 which calculates to £1487.00 but for us brits here in the UK it going to cost £312 more, and all of this is from the “brexit tax”, at £1799.

If you’re a student, you can also get an extra $100 off in America which is £80.

So when you take £1487 (the price for the MacBook) and minus the further £80 for been a student it comes out at £1407.

So when thinking about wanting one myself lots of crazy different ideas came to mind, one been if there cheaper in America why not go there. Would it be cheaper or just as much to fly to America pick up the new gadget and fly home?

I went online to search for the cheapest flight I can find, I found a flight from Manchester to New York City for £360.

Its ridiculous to think for £1767 you could fly from the UK to America, visit New York, pick up the new MacBook Pro then fly back.

If you decided just to buy one here in the UK it would cost, you £1799 and all you are getting is the same machine and a very expensive tax charge.

I wanted to find out what the tax payer thought about this and there were some mixed opinions.

Firstly, I talked to Miya Biggin (17), a working journalism student at Sheffield college, and asked her how she felt about paying a lot more for the same product.

Miya said “I think that its absolutely ridiculous that we are having to pay out more money to go towards expensive things. I think we were fine as we were within the EU so there was no point doing the vote in the first place.

She added, “Its really unfair that because we live in the UK we have to pay out more money.”

After speaking to a tax payer I went and tried to interview someone from apple to try and find out some more information about why this increase in price is valid.

An apple spokesperson said “The international rises are based upon several factors including currency exchange rates, taxes and business practices.”

Star report analysis – 10.1.1


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