To produce our radio bulletins we had to go and record our scripts, that we had made last week, with a zoom mic again there were problems we had to over come when recording. One big one was background noise, with college been a busy place people are every were so fining a quiet spot is hard to do. I found a few spots around the college that were quiet but they had too much of a ecco which the mic picked up. Once i had found a quiet spot with nobody around i began to record the script that bit was the easy bit. once we had done that we then had to come and put the recordings on to the mac so we could start to edit them in garage band. Here was the next problem because the microphones were so sensitive to the sound they picked up everything, even breathing, so we had to cut and crop all the load burst of sound out of the track so it sounded clean and professional. Then we had to all in a jingle that had been made for the bulletin this again bought problem when editing the sound. We had to move up all the piece so there were plenty of room at the beginning for the jingle to fit in to place this meant that some of the smaller cuts of edited sound sometimes didn’t get highlighted when been ,over so were lost of left behind  so then we had to start the hole proses again.

Finaly we had to upload the bulletin which meant exporting it out of garage band which had to be done by sharing it as if it was going to be put on to iTunes. Then we had to upload it on to sound cloud which was very straight forward, we had to make an account, verify that account and then simply upload the piece with a hashtag.