I personally feel like my Interview went well, after entering well mannered and confident I introduced myself and gave the interviewer a firm hand shake. The interview started with my CV. They gave me instant feedback on how it was, they said it was straight to the point but I should have put the work experience at the top of the page seen as it was the most relevant to the job.

I felt like I took my time to answer all the question confidently and didn’t rush when I was talking. They picked up on this and said that I did come across calm and confident which was going to be needed in the role that I was applying for.

On my CV I had mentioned that I have some software skills but I didn’t write down specifics but I was able to verbally tell them what I could use and do with the software. They also picked up on this and told me that I should go back and update this for the future.

I followed may of the interview techniques that I had research prier to the meeting. I dressed appropriately, researched the company and prepared my answers for the questions I thought was going to be asked.