Tittle –

An in-depth study of how digitalization has had an Impact on the role of the journalist and the industry of journalism.

Aims –

I am going to be researching how the digitalization of media has changed and effected the way the journalist works making the reader go online for there information. I am going to be looking at what the journalist has had to do to adapt to the current needs. The research I intend to carry out will include mainly secondary (academic) but will include some primary in the form of interviews. The secondary research will be collected from textbooks, online journals, Documentaries, Magazines and other books.

My hypothesis for my study is that the digitaliztion of the journalism industry has been for the best and has been one of the best technical advances in a long time. I expect to find out how technical advances has had an impact on journalists lives and how they have had to adapt to accommodate there audience, either this been online or in magazines. I also expect to find out that people have found it a hard transition this not just been the journalist but the read, the fact that they have had to learn how to get there information from somewhere else.

I expect my concussion will be that people have found it hard with this advance and transition but because it wants a overnight change they had the time to get there head around it both the reader and everyone in the journalism industry.

Rationale –

I feel like this will all help me develop as a journalist because I will be building on the skills I have been learning in the past units. For example; my research skills and been able to pin point information, writing in a concise way and using professional techniques. This is going to help me when it comes to my Final Project, which is going to be an online lifestyle magazine, because I will be able to understand what draws people to an online publication rather than print causing the transition of many journalists and how I can adapt my self to the role of a journalist in the current industry.

My online magazine is going to be based on lifestyle, which will include topics like; food and drink, travel, technology and many more. These posts will include feature writing, blog posts and reviews of chosen products.

Bibliography –

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