Practice shoots –

Before shooting the photographs that I will be using in my double page spread, I decide to take some practice ones to see how they would work with backgrounds and different lightings but if the quality and setting are good enough I may decide to use them in my final production.

These are the highest quality images i have taken …

I would have taken a lot more images but the camera that I borrowed from college ran out of battery and I now way of recharging it.  The ones that I have taken I do like, I like the lighting and most of al the colours. Having the white box, black watch and wooden background really works and ties the whole image together.

Colour swatches –

These two images are some of my favourites and the ones that I may use when it comes to making my final product.


I have taken some colour grabs of colours that I think make the image stand out. I will try to use these colours as the main ones in my magazine articles so there us a direct link from the image to the font colour and background




Here are some more colour swatch’s of another image that I may use in my final product. Again Iv picked out colours that I think I will be able to use when deciding on colours what to uses on my fonts, background and boarders.











Front cover designs

Here are my first designs for my front covers, I have done two on this page. The first on you can see if a full page image of a person with a camera covering the middle section of there face with the lens pointed directly at the camera. I will have the title in the top left corner with other information about the magazine for the left hand which will bring in more codes and conventions to my magazine.

The second design for my front cover is using the Apple Watch. Taking photo of two wrists one with an Apple Watch on and the other with a normal watch. I will then edit the arms to multiple them and have more than one over lapping. I will have the title going across the top of page. The I will add more code and conventions in the information in the bottom right hand corner.




Here is my final products, as you can see I have created a front page and two double page spreads.

When looking at the first one (my front page) I have placed my image on the page in full colour but when talking to the people in my class and from some feedback i decide to turn
Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 13.42.27.pngthe whole image black and white on photoshop. This gave the page a striking look and more eye-catching. Then I added my title on to the page which I have wrote about in my research but becacase this didn’t look like it was anything to do with technology I talked to my tutor about this and they suggested I go away and and add something so whilst I was messing around with some different ideas I came across adding lines and changing the way they looked. Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 13.42.01This then made the title of the magazine a lot more like a technology magazine just like my aim was.  I then added the dots but changed the opacity of them so some how I could add a personal touch to the front page, by adding the images in and Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 13.43.10turning down the opacity it still catches your eye but its not distracting.



Then when creating my first double page spread I made the back ground all white and placed the image I choose on the right page but decided that I didn’t want it to take up the Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 14.11.06.pngwhole page so I thought rounding the corners would make it more eye-catching and easier to enjoy. Then I added in my text and added in my drop cap and the giant A on the background this representing the Apple Watch in the article. Then when talking to my tutor he said that i should add something to make the article look more like a technology article so i did this by adding in the different snapped lines. Then I went ahead and added my codes and Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 14.08.07.pngconventions like the name of the magazine in the left hand corner and page numbers.


Finally when looking at my final design the first thing I did was place my black and white image on the entire page, which straight away tells you what the magazine is about Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 13.43.10.pngwithout reading any of the words But i did change the opacity of the image because at first
it was difficult to read the article. I then added my text and the photo of one of the interviewees which i wanted to add in because i feel like it adds a personal touch to that part of the article. I then before I had a visual time like it was just words which was very vague and made the article look boring so i talked to my target audience and they suggested this. It makes the information easy to read and looks good with the different lines coming off it. After adding in my drop caps, title and page numbers it was complete.