Just one short flight from the UK’s cold and windy weather, Spain’s south coast the Costa Del Sol is home to 320 days of sun every year.

Stretching from picture perfect views of Mijas to the millionaire’s party paradise of Puerto Banus. With its seven-kilometer stretch of sandy beach, there’s enough to sooth anyone’s headache after a night out. Puerto Banus is known for being the celebrity paradise where you’ll find the most exclusive boutiques – paradise for the girls. For the boys it’s home to the biggest and most expensive yachts on the planet, luxurious cars and the outgoing nightlife.

A spokesperson from travel company, Thomson’s, said: “The best time of year to travel to that area would be July and August because of the guaranteed weather.”

If you prefer to saunter down the beach rather than the shops, the promenades are right for you. They’re great for cyclists or if you’re a bit cooler than that roller blading as well.

“People go because of the long promenade and because it’s flat,” added the spokesperson.

There is a huge selection of dining options and restaurants in the port which include almost every cuisine imaginable. When it comes to food, a top recommendation is Albert’s in Capobino, Marbella, because it is set in a small town and a private marina. The food is of an excellent standard and the portion sizes are good enough for anyone who’s very hungry.

The hub of Puerto Banus is the marina, which provides the capacity to hold 915 boats. These boats are available to rent for the day which means you can hire them out and have a day at sea riding the waves and have having fun.

Another exciting day out would be to visit the Selwo Aventura theme park. They pride their self’s on “maintaining environmental balance” so it’s a great place for the animals as well as humans. The park has hundreds of species ranging from birds, mammals, reptiles even plants so there’s something for everyone. The park has the facilities to educate and entertain people of all ages.

For the older ages who appreciate fine wines or just want to have a good time, try wine tasting at Ronda Valley in Marbella. Learn about the history of wine making and the complexity of it.

This millionaire’s playground has also been home to select residents since its opening in 1970 so make sure your there in 2016.