1 – Beef vs veggie –

There are many types of different burgers in Sheffield, most of them are either beef or veggie.

I took a friend to the British Oak in Mosborough to try out their beef burger and veggie burger.

The beef was layered with brisket caramelized onion is and Stilton topping, whilst the Veggie option was a feta, red onion and spinach patty with cheese.

Both burgers looked incredible, juicy, moist and a pleasure on the eyes.

Megan (19) a journalism student from Hillsborough college went for the veggie burger, whilst I even got the beef.

The beef was tender and succulent everything you want in a burger! It was well presented and a great portion just enough to fill you up but not too much that you can’t move for a week after you’ve finished.

Megan said “I was very optimistic to try the veggie burger at first as I am a big meat eater. However, to my surprise I thought that the veggie burger was even more filling than most other burgers iv tried. It didn’t look as appealing as other burgers, but it tasted great!”

After talking to someone who just eats the burger, I went too talk to the guys that make the burgers.

Talking to a chef at the pub they said: “The beef burger is easily the most popular burger out of the two, both are very nice and taste amazing.”

Over all we love trying just two of the burgers Sheffield has to offer and are looking forward to trying more.