steve-jobs-in-time-magazine-front-coverThe target market for this magazine would be people who are interested in big named celebrities and what they have to say about certain things. As seen on the front cover, the image of Steve Jobs, the image take over the whole page giving the front cover a very sleek and classic look and by having him do a simple smile he seems to be inviting and caring so people what to read it. Also by using this method to displace the image it becomes a very eye catching piece this is mainly because the man on the front is a very well known person but also because of the colours and the composition of the face to the background. By using the colour black and red the editor has added to the piece been eye catching due to these colour been contrasting, the red makes the black stand out and the black makes the red stand out. Another thing that is important about this magazine is that its just Steve Jobs head in the image, this is significant because by doing so it immediately shows the buyer or reader that thats who they wanted to focus on for that weeks issue.

scan00011The target market for this magazine would be for people who are interested in music but also interest in music celebrities and the gossip about them. As you can see the image is of Florence And The Machine but as well as having a large photo of here that covers the whole of the front, there is lots of little pockets of information around the image that gives you sneak previous in to whats going to be in the magazine and what you would be seeing if you went ahead and purchased the magazine. The significance of having the photo the full size of the page is to catch peoples attention and to pull them in to reading it, by having the image like this it gives the front a de-cluttered look, a more sleeker look and feel to the piece. By having Florence holding her face and seeming a little moody it make the person looking at the magazine want to find out why she is been like this. Un-like the front cover with Steve Jobs on which has a black background around his head, this cover with Florence on it has nothing like that because the whole thing is covered and i think they have done this because they want the buyer to think that it is all about her which is different to the other on because the black could indicate that other people can fit in to the magazine.

ST_Travel_CoverThe target market for this magazine would be people who like to know about travel and maybe even traveling. In my eyes the age market for this is for adults who have the money to go to these exotic countries and iconic landmarks. The image used on this front cover paints a picture of been on a luxury holiday with the person you most care about. Plus by having the image the full size of the page thats a very clear statement to accomplish on to the readers mind. Also by using all the same colours and tones it gives the impression that its going to be a very calm and easy thing to flick though and read, it also make the cover look very clean and sleek. The pockets of information about the magazine that have been placed on top of the image in my opinion are the the right amount if anymore it would compromise that imagery that the editor has try and successfully made. Another thing in this photo to increase the imagery is the fact that there are only two people in the pool and though out the whole image and this makes me think, by just looking at the cover, that its very individual and person to you, and by having all that land with no one else in it just multiples that idea of it been personal.

img046The target market for this magazine would be people who are interested in films and the actors in them films. The thing that is interesting in this magazine front cover is that there is information above the mast head, which make me thing that that piece of information is very important and is necessary to have the rights of been up there because that is what they are using to pull people in to purchasing the item and reading it. Also having the mast head in a large bold font in the colour white works well to catch your eye because of the other colours in the cover. The other colours in this cover consist of darker blues and grey, there coronations would be to be quit cold and not very in-bracing towards the reader. On this magazine cover there is lots of pieces of information, these are called cover lines which are used to capture peoples attention and then that makes them want to buy the product to finish reading about the things that they have seen on the cover. The image used is a medium shot  from the waist upwards, the connotations of this image would be that the actor in the photo looks smug, but because he is meant to be Sherlock Holmes who is a renowned genius who knows lots of things, it fits that description well.