–              The advantages of Air travel

I really have a strong opinion about air travel. In my eyes it will always trump any other mode of transport in most categories including; speed, safety and comfort.

I think it’s just a great way to start your trip and in my eyes and on my trips abroad, the holiday starts as soon as I take that first step though the aircraft door and the cabin crew greet you.

I love the whole feeling of when the aircraft lines up on the tarmac and the thrusters are ignited.


When it comes to talking about speed it all depends on the haul size of your flight and because I love the whole feeling of been in the air I don’t mind that much on how long I’m up in the air I think the longer the better.


Comfort is a big deal. Depending on the airline and where you are traveling to, there’s other options if you have the money to spend which I hope one day I will have because I NEED to experience it.

For example if your flight is from London to Dubai and you’re flying with Emirates they offer first class which does excite me just because it’s not necessary whatsoever. With your personal suite. Yes you read it you get a suite – your own little area that you can do whatever you want in it. On-board shower spa at 40,000 feet now that’s where we cross the line!

Who want to get in a shower on a long haul flight? I love flights and the experience is probably amazing but until I try it it’s just over the top.  You can have all this for a 7 hour flight for as little as £7000 as much as a small car, and what gets me is people are paying it.