This is an online audience response and reaction to the song and music video of lily allen, hard out here. This is what one person had to say:
“The lyrics are largely focused on the double standards that affect women when it comes to appearances (“You should probably lose some weight / Because we can’t see your bones” and a plastic-surgery scene) and sexuality (“If I told you about my sex life you’d call me a slut / When boys be talking about their bitches, no one’s making a fuss”), with a final message that such inequality is “here to stay.””

One says “Singer Attacks Sexism With Racist and Sexist Video.”
Allen has responded to the criticism by saying that she simply chose the best dancers without considering race, that she didn’t dance like them because she’s not good enough, that she meant to provoke conversation and that “it has nothing to do with race, at all.” Some of the dancers in the video have also come to Allen’s defense.
There’s no question that Allen’s intent was to be sarcastic; she says as much in the lyrics, and her critics know as much. This is leaving the audience to get the point her based on context and not the point the artist intended.
In my opinion the lyrics that are used in the song in some ways can be slightly offensive because of the language but the message that the song is telling people is totally acceptable and that people need to hear it. That is for the song it’s self the music video on the other hand in my eyes could be classed as to explicit for some ages because of the way the actors are dancing and some of there actions. Another thing that I picked up from the music video was that they were all women dancers, which I would have expected from the song lyrics, there is not one male. This song and video does represent the idea of a feminism point of view and how there should be equal rights to both men and women.

Why People Are Angry About Lily Allen’s New Video