My action plan for my visual film was to produce a promotional video that is easy to understand and aimed at the 20 age upwards. The planning was effective and make me more aware of what I needed to do in the certain time scale that I had to do it in. The most of my planning was done on a storyboard which has ideas on what I was going to film and in what order.

I did research on the venue from going on the internet and on there different social media sites o I could gather a good knowledge of what they had going on at the time and they were all about. This way of doing the research was very effective because it was fast and simple. In a perfect world I could have done more research with more time and then i could have gotten other people ideas and thoughts on what I had found in the early stages of the research.

I think the product does fit the criteria that I wanted to produce and it follows the codes and conventions of a video of that standard. The technical quality for example my iPhone could have been improved because it didn’t shoot HD quality as a DLSR would have but as we needed to produces it as a mobile journalism it did well enough. As a result of this production I developed my IMovie editing skills. I didn’t do any audience research before the production just because we didn’t have any time to do so.

I gathered a group of my class mates and showed them my film and took notes on what they thought was, good and bad. Here some of what they had to say and my own thoughts on the film.

What’s good –

The different camera shots and effects that are within the movie, these are liked because there adds something different each time one is used. For example, one that was pulled up is the time-lapse of the bar that had people socialising and drinking on one side and on the other theses the staff working hard to get the orders through. This was liked because it shows what its really like one night, its not staged or set up. Another thing that was said to be good was the information, people said that it was insightful and worth listening to, it made you want to go.

What’s bad –

In the interview the lighting was a little dark and could have needed to be shot were there was more natural light. This is something that I would have liked to improve if we had more time and a later deadline.

Regarding law and ethical guidelines, I am unsure what I can do and were or were I cant put the video, Because of the time-lapse there may peoples faces in the film that may not want to be. When I asked the manager they said that I would be able to put it there and they allowed me to do that. When it comes to anything like copyright its all covered because I took most things myself and when not I asked for the permission to use it.


The planning would have been done for longer so I could gather a wider range of ideas and facts but what I did do went well. The research would have been done with a larger group of people and then even a second follow up survey. When it comes to the product it could have had more information going in to detail about the vitreous different events.