Today we are building our websites and there are a few factors we had to come across whilst doing this. One of the first ones had to bee actually choosing the idea we were going to base the site on, i choose the masonry layout which is easy to produce and use. Then we had to do on to muse and start making it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.24.36.png

Here alone there were problems, one been that you needed to have the same ammonite of space inbertween the boxes so it didn’t look off and stupid. So this took a while to work out but after getting them all even it looks clean and professional.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.24.48.png

Then after adding the articles to the relevant images/buttons, you can then click from image to article and then by going to the home button you can get back to the home page with all the information you need.

I did however run in to some problems when making my site, one been the you tube clips and them not working whilst been in the design view on muse. Once you had the right information in the you tube tab, only copied what was after the equals sign and had gone in to the preview setting then it started to work and i could move on.

Another problem I had faced was the indication of you hovering over the buttons, the home button and all the articles. Even when you did click on them nothing was happening. This was because I had not set the hyperlinks up to move from page to page. After i had set up the links i still faced the problem of people needing to know that it was a button they were pressing. So I added a boarder and changed the states so you could visually see what you were hovering over the button.