Here i will be looking to compare two  websites and to analysis them.

  • APPLE – The purpose of this website is to be a retail and promotion site. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. The target audience as a demographic profile would be, both genders, ABC1’s because it is a expensive product, and its a world wide. The physchographic profiling would be, i high lifestyle with a technology interest. The content on the site includes all there products and upcoming events and they have images of there products to further bring you in. The features on the site include, slide shows and videos to promote. The style of the website has a modern layout and colour, coming from the white background and the vivid colours coming from the products in the images. The language is formal because they want to be professional.

Analysis of contrasting website.

  • Cosmo – žPurpose- Inform and Entertain. žTarget Audience would be this 16- 40 and they would stereotypical Female and they social status would be C2’sDE. It is a World Wide organisation so it doesn’t have a specific location of interest. It is typically geared towards Working Class Women. The Interests include: Entertainment, Beauty, Love and Sex, Fashion, Work life. It targets the audience by using informal language which is colloquial so it fits in to the people reading it. There is lots of images to keep you interested, and also lots of the colour pink. Again a stereotypical view of women liking pink. There are topics that mainly women would like to read about. It has a modern layout which is well navigated. It speaks in second person so it feels like the information is directed to you personally.