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Here is my final website product, as you can see my theme has a clean and professional looking design that is simple and easy to follow. The only area my ideas developed in was the colour scheme. I tried many different combinations but I personally found this one to be the more eye catching and it worked well with the layout. I have used some other webzines to help me and to use as inspiration when it came to layout and designing my site but I do think I could have done a little more so I know what it is my target want. The main site I went to was RED online magazine it has a great layout and colour scheme whilst looking clean and professional, as it says by the name the colour they use is red and white/creme these colours are great for them as they have a very wide ranged target audience and personally I need to take this in to consideration when it comes to my FMP. The main skill I have developed it to be able to use This Is Tap, it was a new platform for me to use and I feel like I adapted to it well and will be able to carry on using.

The product I have created fits the specification and target audience well whilst also for filling there needs of a online magazine. It delivers the information well and is easy to use which is what I think every site needs to meet.

I asked Miya Biggin (17) a journalism student what she thought of the site I had created. Miya said “its easy to follow and find out the information that you want to read about” she also added “its convenient as I can get on the site from any device, it has a appealing design and colour and it does its job as a online magazine.”

Taking all this on board when I need to create another site I will used and adapt the skills I have learnt, for example how to use This is Tap, knowing what colour schemes I like and how they affect the audience. Also if I was to complete this process again I would like to produce a more in-depth deveopment of my production stage. If I was to be critical about the site I have produced here I would like to change the colour, it does work well against the black header and drop boxes but its a very light blue when working with a completely white background. If i was to go though the same process again I would either choose a different colour blue or make the white background a different colour that contrasts better.