Commercial Radio

  • On commercial Radios, their main source of income is from selling advertising space.
  • E.G. Capital Radio which is national station, Hallam FM which is a local station.

Non Commercial Radio

  • The main Non Commercial Radio station is the BBC.
  • There main source of income is the licence fee which is about £140 per year, which is paid by every single house hold in the UK.
  • The government designs the BBC’S “Royal charter”, which is the BBC’s remit (the guidelines on what it should be providing to us, the audience.)
  • The BBC is supposedly giving us a combination of education, entertainment and information.


Radio 1 – The remit of Radio 1 is to entertain and engage a broad range of young listeners with a distinctive mix of contemporary music and speech.

Radio 2 – The remit of Radio 2 is to be a distinctive mixed music and speech service, targeted at a broad audience, appealing to all age groups over 35.

Radio 3 – The remit of Radio 3 is to offer a mix of music and cultural programming in order to engage and entertain its audience.

Radio 4 – The remit of Radio 4 is to be a mixed speech service, offering in-depth news and current affairs and a wide range of other speech output including drama, readings, comedy, factual and magazine programmes

Radio 5 – The remit of BBC Radio 5 live is to provide live news and sports coverage.

Radio 6 music – The remit of BBC 6 Music is to entertain lovers of popular music with a service that celebrates the alternative spirit in popular music from the 1960s to the present day.

BBC Radio scotland – The remit of BBC Radio Scotland is to be a speech-led service for listeners seeking programmes about the life, culture and affairs of Scotland.