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Reports that the IPhone 7 will not have auxiliary port have shocked apple fans around the world. The LA based company want to make there phone even thinner. The new phone set to come out this September will be sold with wireless headphones. This premium accessary is said to be made by audio giants Beats

OUT WORDS: by Dr Dre.  
DURATION: 00:14:98

Cineworld Sheffield have launch a new experience called “VIP”. The cinema giants want to create something the celebs would be interested in, and they have. Since it opened at the start of the year Mark wright and Michelle keegan5 have taken a trip to the Sheffield cinema. With reclining seats and all you can eat food its well worth a trip out

OUT WORDS: in VIP style.

DURATION: 00:15:58

Harry Potter actor Alan Rickman has died of cancer, aged 69.  He played Severus Snape in all the Harry Potter films. Sound Radio asked Potter fan Asleigh Wilson, 17, a journalism student why Professor Snape was their favourite character

OUT WORDS: from the films.

DURATION: 00:14:03


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