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Welcome to my digital portfolio. My name Reece Payling, I’m 18 and a Creative Media student studying journalism and social media.

I’m out going and easy to talk to. I hope to go to university to study hospitality because its something that I’m passionate about and really enjoy.

Heres just a few of the pieces of work that I have produced and haved loved writing.


Cover letter – Unit 11

Dear Sir or Madam

I am sending you my CV and cover letter about the current job position, Duty Manager for true north brew c.o. After reading your job description I would like to apply for this role within your company.

As I have mentioned on my CV I have experiences within the hospitality business, from working at The British Oak as a waiter, I have gained all sorts of skills to add towards this job that I am applying for. These include being passionate about quality of food and drink. Dealing with customers who have had bad quality food or complaints because of this, I have been able to build a knowledge and understanding of how important quality is for the customer. This has made me care about quality of food and drink that will be presented to the customer. This leads me onto customer satisfaction, where in this area, I am 100% committed to delivering the needs and expectations to the customer.

From starting this job at the beginning I had very little experience in working in this sort of environment, from then I have learnt a wide range of skills which I have explained in my CV. I always have a positive attitude towards my job and customers in order to deliver the best customer service I can give.

I feel like this job can help be build further on my skills and learn more about the hospitality industry.

Yours Faithfully

Reece Payling

CV Unit 11

Personal statement-

I am a confident and reliable individual who puts thier all in to any task that is presented to me. I am motivated and quick to learn skills needed in any work environment. I really love working with people. I have great communication skills and can talk to anyone on their own or in front of a crowd. I am confident when presenting and will have no problem adding a bit of humor to focus the audience. I really enjoy spending time with my family. It is one of the most important things in my life. I love to travel and explore new places and experience different cultures. I like food and drink and always like to try new things.


Hillsborough College – 2015 – Present

UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production (Journalism and Social media)


Westfield School – Sheffield sept 2000 – June 2015

GCSE Results in the following subjects:

  • Photography
  • Photography Communication
  • ICT National Cert
  • ICT Level 2
  • Religious Education
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Additional Qualifications-

  • AS Level in Photography
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Silver

Work Experience-

THE START – Sept 2016 – Present

I have been writing for the Sheffield star as part of my current college course which has been helping with my journalistic skills and basic writing. I have really been enjoying it because its exciting to see if your piece of work has been good enough to be put in. Its just a extra bit of acknowledgment of your work been good.

BRITISH OAK – Sept 2015 – Oct 2016

I have taken part in activities that demonstrate my interest in hospitality the main one been a job. I worked in a Pub part time which showed me the path of hospitality. I had been there 12 months and loved every minute of working there, from the customers that come in to the staff that I worked with. The reason I am passionate about working in the hospitality business is the challenges I am presented with on a daily basis and having to overcome them. My duties include taking of food & drink orders, using their reservation system, seating and greeting customers, delivering food and drinks to tables, clearing tables and cash handling.

As well as this work experience I had some opportunities in festivals and weddings, I helped serve food and drink and take orders.


Skills –

Whilst I have been in education I have always been devolving my skills trying to have a broad set, here are some of my skills I, and others, think.

  • Customer care
  • Communication
  • Team leader
  • Polite
  • Professional manner
  • Team worker
  • Independent worker
  • Software Skill
  • Web Design


Please feel free to ask for a reference on requested

Yours Faithfully

Reece Payling

Brexit Vs Household Items

Since Britain was voted to leave the EU many house hold favourites have been affected, from Toblerone to Marmite.

People have been in outrage over the popular manufacturer, Toblerone, after they changed the shape and weight of the iconic chocolate bar. They said it was due to the ingredients costing more but who believes that? Basically we are having to pay the same price as we did a year ago but for a lot less chocolate and that’s all we care about.

The manufacturers of Marmite have also upset fans and supermarkets due to them raising the price of there product, coursing some of them to stop selling the stuff.Other brands have put there prices up Birds Eye as much as 12p and it may not seem a lot but when you’re a fan of fish fingers and peas every penny adds up.



So we all like to have enough battery on our phones and IPad for the full duration of our trips away and when we don’t it can be a terrible feeling. With this portable charger you can charge your devices over and over again because of its 2500mAH of power.

This charger has a built in micro USB cable and it comes with a 8-pin apple lighting connector which makes it compatible with almost every device. The cable can be neatly tucked away to make it even more compact. Its small size is very discreet and can seamlessly fit in to a credit card slot in a conventional wallet which makes it easy to carry. The build of this charger is strong and robust, with a metal casing that is thick enough to keep the battery safe but light enough to not be cumbersome. The designer of this one have hit the nail on the head.

In my opinion I look for a charger that covers three main things: price, size and power and I think this one has every single aspect of that covered. For £10 you get a reliable product that can be used easily, that’s going to keep your devices running and that’s going to be simple to carry. That is all you need right?

Now that it’s the run up to Christmas this would be a great wrap up for anyone stocking so treat someone to having a fully charged phone, that way there’s no excuse for them to not reply to a text or answer when the phone rings.

How Technology Has Changed

The world of technology has changed so much in the last 60 years.

Take the mobile phone for example: they have changed so much over the last 43 years since 1973 and we’ve seen super thin phones, longer lasting battery’s, specs that will simply speed up your day and fingerprint sensors that will make you feel like you’re in the future.

I began by asking Miya Biggin (17) a journalism student about what technology she uses in her day today life.

She said: “I use my computer, IPhone, IPad and TV every single day.”

Continuing Miya said: “I wouldn’t be able to live without my tech, I mainly use it to socialising and been able to talk to people I can’t meet up with.”

Miya then said: “todays society, technology has gotten a bit extreme and with all the advances its taking jobs and ruining some lives.”

I wanted to find out what different ages thought of how technology is changing and effecting our lives.

Ricky Payling (45) a salesman engineer said something a little different when it comes to what item is most important to him with that been his car.

Ricky went on to say: “it gives me so much freedom and with out it I wouldn’t be able to do my job.”

Ricky added: “My mobile is another piece of technology that I couldn’t live without, I use it to stay in contact with family that I don’t see very often.”

When asking what his opinions on tech in 2016 was Ricky said: “There no boundaries, anything is possible, its so much more advanced since I was younger.”

As you can see there are some similarities between Ricky and Miya even though there at different stages in there lives.

The main similarity been the mobile phone, they both said they use it to keep in touch and socialize with people they can’t meet up with.

Another similarity was how far they felt that technology has come along but I feel like the older generation may appreciate this more because they spent more time with older versions of the newly developed tech.

Multi Media Package

Horrifying Halloween makeup –

Halloween seems to be always just round the corner and some people all over the world are obsessed with scaring the living daylight out of people. People just love feeling scared all year round, there’s always a new horror on the TV or at the cinema that will make you jump out of your skin.

To scare someone you have to look the part and people train for years to be great at special effects and making people look terrifying.

Miya Biggin (17) a journalism student from Hillsborough College took her amazing skill to make me look incredibly scary, watch the short video to find out when she realised she had this skill.

About me

My name is Reece Payling, I’m a creative media production and journalism student at Sheffield college wanting to study international hospitality and business management at university.

On the course I have built on my skills, these in my opinion include;

  • Teamwork, when needing to do group tasks and focus groups
  • Independace , when writing my own article and coming up with unique ideas.
  • Software, when needing to learn complex software for example, photoshop and indesign. Which I am now confident using.

Brexit effects Apple

Apple have just released a new MacBook which is great for fans, but for us here in the UK there is a sickening fact we all have to face.

It’s going to cost us just a little bit more – a little being an understatement.

In America you will be able to purchase one of these machines for $1799 which calculates to £1487.

But for us Brits here in the UK it going to cost £312 more at £1799, and all because of the ‘Brexit tax’.

If you’re a student, you can also get an extra $100 off in America which is £80.

So when you take £1487 (the price for the MacBook) and minus the further £80 for being a student, it comes out at £1407.

So when thinking about wanting one myself lots of crazy different ideas came to mind, one being if they are cheaper in America why not go there? Would it be cheaper or just as much to fly to America pick up the new gadget and fly home?

I went online to search for the cheapest flight I could find, I found a flight from Manchester to New York City for £360.

It’s ridiculous to think for £1767 you could fly from the UK to America, visit New York, pick up the new MacBook Pro then fly back.

If you decided just to buy one here in the UK it would cost, you £1799 and all you are getting is the same machine and a very expensive tax charge.

I wanted to find out what the tax payer thought about this and there were some mixed opinions.

Miya Biggin (17), a working journalism student at Sheffield College talked about the product.

Miya said: “I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous that we are having to pay out more money to go towards expensive things. I think we were fine as we were within the EU so there was no point doing the vote in the first place.”

She added: “It’s really unfair that because we live in the UK we have to pay out more money.”

After speaking to a tax payer I went and tried to interview someone from Apple to try to find out some more information about why this increase in price is valid.

They said: “The international rises are based upon several factors including currency exchange rates, taxes and business practices.”

How Terror Effects Tourism

Everyone loves to go abroad to get some sun.

Most of the time it’s with friends or family but this year especially has been a difficult one to say the least.

It’s nothing to do with natural disasters, like hurricanes or tsunami, it’s to do with humans. Humans terrorising humans.

Some major terror attacks in the last year –

  • France, Paris, November 2015 – Shootings, suicide bombings, grenade, hostage taking.
  • Tunisia, November 2015 – Suicide bombing targeting a bus carrying presidential guards.
  • Turkey, Istanbul, January 2016 – Suicide bombing targeting foreign tourists in Sultanahmet Square
  • Belgium, Brussels, March 2016 – Suicide bombers attacked a metro station and an airport
  • France, Magnanville, June 2016 – Two men approaching a bar and one of them throwing a grenade before escaping.

When looking in to this, tourism has plummeted due to attacks all around the world.

For example, the once popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh has seen a decline of nearly 50 percent in the number of tourists visiting since the horrific terror alerts last year even causing British Airways and Easy jet, both leading airlines, to stop or cancel certain flights to the country.

Even one of the world’s top tourist destinations, Paris, has suffers a 7% fall in visitor numbers which may not seem a huge number but it’s defiantly noticeable to their economy with a loss of one billion euros of income since January 2016.

Danielle Mellor (26) from Sheffield says the threat of a terrorist attack has made her cautious about travelling in Europe.

This year she spent four months travelling – including Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia.

Danielle said:  “I felt safe in Asia but not in Europe. Mainly because of everything that was happening in Europe.”

She said: “I do feel uneasy but I refuse to let them control where I go, that’s what they want, they try and control us with fear.”

Abbie Clayton (21), an early year’s child care student from Sheffield is a little more cautious about traveling in general.

She said: “For me it depends who I go with not where I go because if I went with someone like my Nan I would feel really on edge because I’m the one who would have to protect her.”

She added: “If I went with my boyfriend, I would feel calm and relaxed because I know he would be there to protect me.”

Beef vs Veggie

There are many types of different burgers in Sheffield, most of them are either beef or veggie.

I took a friend to the British Oak in Mosborough to try out their beef burger and veggie burger.

The beef was layered with brisket caramelised onion is and Stilton topping, whilst the Veggie option was a feta, red onion and spinach patty with cheese.

Both burgers looked incredible, juicy, moist and a pleasure on the eyes.

Miya (17) a journalism student from Hillsborough college went for the veggie burger, whilst I even got the beef.

The beef was tender and succulent everything you want in a burger! It was well presented and a great portion just enough to fill you up but not too much that you can’t move for a week after you’ve finished.

Miya said “I was very optimistic to try the veggie burger at first as I am a big meat eater. However, to my surprise I thought that the veggie burger was even more filling than most other burgers iv tried. It didn’t look as appealing as other burgers, but it tasted great!”

After talking to someone who just eats the burger, I went too talk to the guys that make the burgers.

Talking to a chef at the pub they said: “The beef burger is easily the most popular burger out of the two, both are very nice and taste amazing.”

Over all we love trying just two of the burgers Sheffield has to offer and are looking forward to trying more.

Are dogs really mans best friend


To put it simply, dogs are amazing and to some people their dogs are there life.

Whether they’re begging for your food, barking at their lead to convince you to take them on a walk, or simply greeting you when you get home with kiss and a cuddle, dogs do all of the little things that put smiles on faces around the home.

One of the main reasons dogs are how they are being there incredible long term memory.

They won’t forget the connection they share with you and, if you are good to them, you will leave a lasting impact on them that they’ll never shake off.

Another reason is that they will protect you no matter what.

If you are under threat they will always choose you over a stranger.

Wanting to find if people think dogs are really man’s best friend I talked to two people with very different opinions.

Megan Wallace (19) a journalism student from Barnsley said: “dogs are only loyal because you feed them, walk them and keep them warm.

“if it wasn’t for us doing that I don’t think they would care.”

Miya Biggin (17) a journalism student from Sheffield said differently: “I think that dogs are mans best friend because they are loyal and when you are feeling sad they can sense it.

“they comfort you and are always there.”

She added: “however, I think that loyalty and love depends on the breed of the dog.

“I find that big breed like Labradors are more loving and dependable.”

My Personal Statement (11.1.1, 11.1.2)

I have always wanted a career where I can be active, creative and enjoy my love for dealing with the general public. I had never thought that this career would be in hospitality but since I started my job in a pub last year its opened my eyes to the idea to this course.

Many parts of this course interests me for example; international hospitality been one of them, I love the idea of been able to travel with my future career and meeting people from around the world from different backgrounds and cultures. Another one been marketing, because the current course has help me to develop the skills needed to use complex computer software to create a professional standard of work. I really love working with people. I have great communication skills which I feel are vital for a career in hospitality and can talk to people one to one or as part of a group, I am confident when required and enjoying adding humour where appropriate to entertain an audience. I work well with others which I have successful demonstrated whilst studying at college. I am also very organised and good at prioritizing work to meet deadlines. I am very creative when in a leadership role and I can come up with ideas which grab people’s attention and guide them in the right path. I am also a very determined person and always finish what I have started which leads me to have a good attendance record because I don’t want to miss anything.

From my current studies I have learnt detailed analytical skills and complex process including learning different software like Photoshop and InDesign which I feel confident in using and how found it to be an effective way of communicating my thoughts and ideas.

I have taken part in activities that demonstrate my interests in hospitality the main one been my job. I work in a Pub part time which showed me the path of hospitality. I have been there 12 months and have loved every minute of work, from the customers that come in to the staff that I work with. The reason I am passionate about working in the hospitality business is the challenges I am presented with on a daily basis and having to overcome them. This job has helped me to develop key skills that I am hoping to learn more about on this course, some including communication, organisation and team work. What I am really wanting to learn more about and build on is the business and management side of the hospitality industry which this course will help me to achieve. My passion for hospitality has not gone unnoticed with talks of been promoted to supervisor which was a big complement but at this time in my life my education has to be my priority.

In the last two years at school I had the opportunity to do the Duke of Edinburgh award which included both bronze and silver which I went and completed in full. It was a valuable experience and it helped me to develop more skills from the volunteering, skill and sport. The main skills that I felt I built on was team work and leadership, this was because when you are having to navigate using a map and compass you need to be sure in the decision you are making not only for you but the team and you have to be willing to give it your one hundred percent commitment. I think from doing the Duke of Edinburgh award it will help me when it comes to the management and marketing communications modules within this course. As well as been able to work well within a team I am more than capable to work independently and this allows me to effectively express my creative ideas at my own speed to meet the deadline.  I am a reliable and conscientious student that will give my all with everything and this is because hospitality is where I see my future career.

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