Dear Sir or Madam

I am sending you my CV and cover letter about the current job position, Duty Manager for true north brew c.o. After reading your job description I would like to apply for this role within your company.

As I have mentioned on my CV I have experiences within the hospitality business, from working at The British Oak as a waiter, I have gained all sorts of skills to add towards this job that I am applying for. These include being passionate about quality of food and drink. Dealing with customers who have had bad quality food or complaints because of this, I have been able to build a knowledge and understanding of how important quality is for the customer. This has made me care about quality of food and drink that will be presented to the customer. This leads me onto customer satisfaction, where in this area, I am 100% committed to delivering the needs and expectations to the customer.

From starting this job at the beginning I had very little experience in working in this sort of environment, from then I have learnt a wide range of skills which I have explained in my CV. I always have a positive attitude towards my job and customers in order to deliver the best customer service I can give.

I feel like this job can help be build further on my skills and learn more about the hospitality industry.

Yours Faithfully

Reece Payling