My action plan for my for my bulletin was to produce a piece of audio that informs and entertains a large mass audience of all ages, both genders and all economic statuses. The planning of the bulletin was again very effective, using the internet to find news stories that were current and local worked well because it was easy to find the local story’s on the web. I met the deadline and uploaded it to sound cloud on time and in the right format. There were one major constraint that we had to consider and that was to do with exporting the audio files off the microphones on to the PC’s, this is because the PC’s at college don’t have to right software so we overcame this by relocating to another classroom so we could carry on with the editing the audio.

The research we did was all on the internet looking at different local news sites to find story’s that were interesting and relevant to us and Sheffield.  I found that these methods of research were very effective because they were fast and simple to find. We used our findings to produce scripts on what we were going to say. In a perfect world I could have done more research with more time and then I could have gotten other people ideas and thoughts on what I had found in the early stages of the research.

I think the product does fit the purpose of been a radio bulletin, it follows the codes and conventions of audio of this standard. It has an intro and a catchy jingle to start, like most big named radio stations do. The technical quality for example to zoom microphones could have been improved because they did pick up some load breathing noises and lots of background noise that we had to edit out. At the result of this production I have developed my band garage editing skills. I think my bulletin would appeal to the target audience because it has a divers story’s that anyone can be interested in. I didn’t do any audience research before the production just because we didn’t have any time to do so.

I gathered a group of my class mates and showed them my bulletin and took notes on what they thought was, good and bad. Here some of what they had to say and my own thoughts on the bulletin.

News values – do you think the stories were in the most engaging order?why?

  • “tech story first”
  • “yes because the most news worthy story is at the beginning”

Style – informal, formal, chatty ect. was the style fit for purpose/audience ?why?

  • “yes because the language is fairly informal and simplistic so the target audience can understand”
  • “informal style”
  • “young sounding news”

Technical quality – consider pace, levels, sound, cue ins and outs, links to clips.

  • “some of the sound is louder than other parts”
  • “the pace is easy to follow”
  • “interview could do with been louder”

Language and presentation – Did you understand the stories? Was the language appropriate for the audience? Did the presenter speak too fast or too slow? Were there pauses between stories ? Errs or umms?

  • “The language was appropriate for the target audience because it was simple
  • “It all flows smoothly, no errs or umm”
  • “Stories are young bases and not to serious”
  • “Language was easy to understand”
  • “Reece spoke at a good pace and clear”

Regarding law and ethical guidelines, it does follow them because the entire story’s haven’t been copyrighted and can be talked about anywhere. Also the jingle was made for us so there is no copyright for that either.


The planning would have been done for longer so i could gather a wider range of ideas and facts. The research would have been done with a larger group of people and then even a second follow up survey. When it comes to the product we could have uses a better quality microphone to pick up only the voices of the people we wanted to and to be in a sound prof studio.