A webzine has many impacts and effects on its target audience. One of them is that the audience feels closer to the producer of the webzine because they can access it anywhere, if this is in there home or across the other side of the world and because there is so many different type of online magazines with different genres and characteristics that draw in different people for example RED, has characteristics that I would like to use when starting to create my product. For instance the drop down menus, that allow people to easily navigate though the site without getting lost and confused. This is something that has really stuck out to me and makes me want to create something that has the some of the same characteristics as RED.

When anything happens around the world it immediately gets uploaded online to webzines and social media, this impacts the audience so quickly and efficiently, sometimes without the second thought. Assign as the person uploading the information clicks save, its online and you may be able to take it down but its already left its mark on the world. This is what I am going to be taking from my research and just been careful on what I am writing because I don’t want to be coming across single minded and very opinionated.

From researching Logos and fabicons I have learnt that all these small factors make a webzine more fun and a interesting experience for the user. When looking at the logo for  Apple its very simple and you know what the brand is without having to read anything. I want to create something like this that is eye catching and stands out.

Also looking at my research I want to have social media connections to my site, this allows people to share and interact with other users, friends and family thought the site. With people sharing the site it also create a online community and intern creating free publicity for the website. I want to take this idea and put this in to place when creating my website.

I intend to produce my webzine with the same ideas in mind; having copy that is eye catching and current. This also means to create a site that has response and a retina design.