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Loving guide dog owners and trainers gather together at the Sheffield student union, Sheffield for guide dog awareness.

This is a annual event at the union that brings people together to share their personal stories and the dogs journey.

This is one of the largest and most popular events that the Sheffield union organise which they do to raising money to fund guide dogs.

One dog costs £55’000 to train from when they are born to retirementimg_0341.jpg and that one dog can change a persons life drastically.

The event happened over the day with people visiting from the university itself and local people from sheffield.

Owners talked about the process the dogs have to go thought from birth; been socially trained, technically trained so the dog can deal with day to day problems and interactions and then finally personally trained/bonded with there new blind/deaf owner.



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Controlling Calories When Eating Out

We all love dining out, whether that’s eating great food at amazing restaurants or having a greasy burger from a fast-food chain.

However, if you’re a health hungry activist that one meal could throw your diet off balance.

Here in the UK we are eating out more and more.

According to OpenTable, ” Brits spend a quarter of their annual wage on eating out.”

The study shows that Brits eat out on average 1.5 times per week and spend up to £53 per meal.

If you’re eating calorie-laden fast food you’re bound to put on the weight but there are some tips to help eat out and keep slim.

The stronger your control over the food in front of you, the more likely you are to be able to stick to a lower-calorie eating-out plan.

  • Choose the right place to eat, choose places where they have low calorie options on their menus.
  • If you don’t eat all your food, get the waiter to take it away before you start picking at the remains again.
  • If your meal comes with potato chips, swap them for sweet potato.

The main thing is you don’t need to give up eating out, you can just choose meals that are under a calorie count.

For example, Italian restaurant Zizzis have a notice on their menus that some of their meals are under 600 calories, which is great for a meal out without the guilt.

Lee Stocks, senior head chief at True North Restaurants, in Sheffield, said: “It is difficult to create menus that include a range of dietary restrictions when the menus are larger, as the more dishes you have the more time consuming the work is.

“When we open new sites we design the menu to suit everyone’s taste so we use dishes that we class as safe options ( pies, chicken, fish and chips, burgers etc).”

Nutrition is important to the True North chef: “I think our meals are nutritional as the food is cooked fresh, it’s not processed food like you find in a lot of chain restaurants  and we have well balanced dishes with meat, fish, vegetables and salad.”

However, if counting your calories isn’t good enough, looking deeper in to your nutrition is an extra road to go down.

Matt Tagg, a personal trainer, has helped people lose weight and changed their lives. His biggest achievement is 22lbs/1.5 stone in six weeks.

Matt also said that he thinks restaurants could do more “by including all nutritional value of their meals online and on their menus to put people’s minds at ease to what they’re eating. Also having more variety could also be a positive step forward.”

Matt has the following advice for what we should be consuming when either choosing off a menu or at home: “We should be consuming a variety of foods such as complete proteins like chicken, fish and beans. Complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato, oatmeal and rice and essential fatty acids such at omega 3 and 6 from fish and a variety of nuts and seeds.”

Up and Coming GIN …

Increase in demand for gin is meaning distilleries are working 24/7 to give us our beloved beverage.

Gin has been around since the mid 1700s.

The first cocktail to be noted down was a gin-based cocktail.

It has never been so popular with bar and pubs pulling people in to try their massive collection of fabulous gins, with some having over 30 different types.

A lot of these having complex and interesting flavours like seaweed which is great as an aperitif to clear your pallet and open your taste buds, its best served with seafood dishes.

Pink Pepper is another new and different drink; with flavours of honey, cardamon, vanilla and hand picked peppercorns, these ingredients are distilled separately and then blended together.

Some gins are even said to have healing power; Nordes Galician is known as the therapy gin and claims to heal all sorrows, when drinking it neat it has a after taste of berries but if you’re too faint hearted for neat drinks adding tonic will bring out citrus flavours with strong grapefruit.Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 15.17.51.png

Many people are making a lot of money though this craze with some shots of gin costing as much as £5 just for the gin, no tonic, but people are paying for it and loving it too.

True North Brew Co is hitting this hard with the bars like Forum bar and kitchen, Blue Stoops and the British Oak having a huge range and now have started to the Sheffield School Of Gin.

This exciting new school is where gin activist can go and learn all about the history of gin, develop a deeper understanding of botanicals and become an expect in garnishes.

The curator will then assist you in developing your own blend to take home.

The session lasts three hours, during this time you will receive a Sheffield Dry Gin & Franklin tonic, one of there favourite gin cocktails and finish with the curators choice cocktail at The Old House at the cost of £70 per person.

The Gin Emporium is a mobile Gin Bar and Gin Tasting experience company which run mobile gin bars at events like weddings and corporate events, Gin Tasting experiences – completely mobile – up and down the UK, Gin Clubs – these are public ticketed Gin events in Nottingham, Bristol and soon Sheffield! Each month is different, themed and fun!

The Emporium stocks around 100/150 gins at one time and can cater between 150 and 2000 people at a time.

Gabby Garcia the director of the Gin Emporium said: ” Gin is now extremely popular at the moment and has been for quite a few years now. Licensing laws changed the way people could create gin and this made way for some really exciting gins to hit the market a few years back. The gin industry has continue to grow and flourish.”

“I loved Gin & had done for quite a while, before it became fashionable, I saw that Gin was getting more exciting for others and I wanted to share my love, enthusiasm and knowledge with other people.”

Gin isn’t something that will just stop at a certain time Gabby said: “Our busiest time starts in March and ends in about October. This tends to be corporate party season and of course hen dos & weddings. We also peak in December with Christmas parties.”

There are many exotic and expensive Gins in the market Gabby from the Gin Emporium said: ” We offer a range of Gins from outside of the UK. We now specialise in getting gins from Europe, South Africa, Australia & South America imported to bring people a variety they don’t see in other places. One of our new gins is the first London Dry Gin to be distilled in South America from Brazil.”

Gin is made with juniper berries which is not really a berry at all, it’s a female seed cone, nearly all picked wild and not cultivated which makes it great for the environment.

This wave of gin love has transformed the way we drink and serve, in Spain the “gin and tonic” is served in a balloon wine glass and comes with all kinds of botanicals.

We, here in Sheffield have now taken this fad and ran with it, now it’s strange not to get your seaweed gin in a wine glass.


More than 67,000 people have signed a petition to try and stop the fracking from happening in Derbyshire.

Fracking, a process where high pressure water or air is fired into bedrock to release gases and oil.

This is going to be done by a private fracking company called INEOS.

It explains in this short video who it’s going to affect, how it is and what they are doing to prevent it.


Vyn Johns

VYN JOHNS – Vintage wedding fashion on the rise and trending

Vintage fashion is everywhere and the word “Vintage” means different things to different people.

To Vyn Johns, a vintage wedding shop in Sheffield, it means “nostalgia and emotional cost.”

The shop has been open 4 years and with the hard work and detailing of each and every dress the top price range is £2500; this price is factored with beautiful materials like silk.

People travel from all over the country and some just because they’ve seen Vyn John’s Instagram page.

To some people in this industry vintage could be items or styles from 1990/2000’s but to Vyn Johns its “1920-60 because the 1990’s seem like yesterday and to us that’s not vintage.”

Vyn Johns carried on to say; “People look back in time for more security and with a bespoke service it adds to that trust.”

The most important thing with in this industry is the relationship between the designer/technicians and the bride, if this isn’t there they wont be pleased, they will not spread the word and if they don’t do this then the trend doesn’t grow.

The relationship that is created when making a bespoke dress is an intermit one.

Rolando Robinson (49) a designer at Vyn Johns said “the best part of my job is seeing the brides face when you’ve completed the dress”

He continued to say “when people are really happy with what you’ve done, when theirs a tear in there eye.”

Not only are they shaping the bride’s big day and spending thousands of pounds, but they have chosen vintage as their style.

Designers and studios up and down the country have chosen vintage as their niche and genre to follow.

Creating stunning piece of clothing that will last in people’s memory’s forever, Vyn Johns are doing well to keep the vintage fashion industry alive and trending throughout the UK.

With apps like Depop and Asos marketplace the vintage fashion industry is growing and becoming more and more popular.

Maria Cunliffe (22) a self proclaim fashion lover said “I love too experiment with new and old styles of cloths and depop is a great way to find them and sell them”

She added “I think vintage fashion is a great way someone can express their selfs and more people are taking the leap and trust vintage more.”

There are lots of people now making money off the “Vintage” label and some only because it says the word vintage in the ad.

This increase in demand has meant, people like Maria Cunliffe and Vyn Johns can increase there prices.

After taking to people like this its clear to see that vintage fashion is taking the world by storm.

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