– Centre Name & Number –  36510 – The Sheffield College

– Candidate Name – Reece Payling

– Candidate Number – 82831

– Pathway – Journalism and Social Media


Section 1 – Rationale

My Website will include written features, mobile media packages, photojournalism and many other examples of journalistic content to showcase my skills and knowledge developed thought the previous 12 units. I plan to create a range of content using different topics that will relate to my target age range, 16-25, mixed gender. My skills include; time management, concise writing and professional interviewing techniques, Photoshop and photography skills (ISO, depth of field and sputter speed), Muse (static site), THISISTAP. I feel confident on my technical knowledge to create my site and write my copy. Within my unit 12 specialist study I found out that the digitalization of journalism has been important to the industry, as young people are wanting to read more engaging and interactive content online. My aim is therefore to create an online portfolio that is more interesting to my contemporary and digitally literate audience.

Section 2 – Project Concept

My concept and aims for my FMP is to produce a presentation website which will function as a digital portfolio to display and showcase my journalistic skills such as producing features, media packages and photojournalism that will include varied local topics like, vintage fashion, fracking and nutrition. I have looked at a range of different contextual research in unit 12, which will and has helped me to understand what type of content works the best *. I will hope to use audio and video journalism in some of the pieces I am going to be working on and the package I created in unit 10 has helped me decide how I want to edit my future media packages *. Some of the resources that I will be using to produce my content will be cameras, video cameras (or mobile phone depending on location) and computers to edit on. I will be choosing to use Wordpess to present my content because I have learnt the skills and knowledge to create a professional looking site over the last year. Keeping to the allocated timescale will be difficult but with the help of a production dairy I will know where I am at with my my content. I may have to face other constraints in the form of legal and ethical issues such as copyright, I will be overcoming this by asking for permission on images I use or creating all the content used myself. I will be sourcing stories using social media (twitter, blogs, Facebook), local news, papers and will following them up by messaging them directly. I will be using my phone to find the multi media content and WordPress to collect tutor and peer feedback.





Section 3 – Evaluation

By creating a production diary, it will help me reflect and evaluate on the work I complete. This will be an on going activity so the reflection can be in-depth and analytical. The diary will document the primary and secondary sources for my content production and reflect on the usefulness and relevance of them. I will be organizing my production diary by dating my entries throughout the process. Managing my time so I don’t forget this diary will be important, by setting a notification on my phone every couple of days. Producing a action plan and timetable will help structure my FMP.




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