Communication methods used in the media industry

  • Film
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • Vlogs
  • Advertising
  • Leaflets

Journalistic communication methods 

  1. Leaflets + Flyers
  • It is used to persuade the reader to do something
  • They use plenty of picture and colours to catch the readers eye
  • They use persuasive writing
  • They use legible fonts so everyone can read them.
  • You can recive them in many different ways; post, on the street, via email.

conventions – The written text, title, date.

   2. Radio new 

  • Used to inform people
  • Radio 4/5 live have lots of news content
  • capital, hall-am and radio 1 have new bulletins

conventions – spoken language, VoxPoP (Opinions on the new story), Breaking news, Travel news

 3. TV news 

  • Used to inform people
  • eg; look north, BBC news (6/10), 60 second news.

conventions – news reader, looking in the camera, headlines, anchorage, weather, newspaper section

 4. Website + blogs

  • Used to entertain, educate, inform
  • ie; word-press, blogger, Facebook, twitter

conventions- images with complimenting text (anchorage), further links, eye catching

5. newspaper 

  • tabloids- ie; daily mail, sun,The mirror
  • Broadsheets – ie; The independent, The Guardian

Tabloids – 30- / lower class people

  • Images take up more of the pages
  • It applies to more people
  • more colour that have more significant meanings
  • Its cheaper and they are not afraid to advertise that about them self’s

Broadsheet – 30+/ upper class people

  • A limited amount of pictures and a large amount of small writing.
  • Anchorage images so that it backs up the simple images
  • Business orientated