This website is used to track wind currents that occur on the surface of the earth. It is easy to use, by just scrolling the mouse you can move closer and further away from the globe this meaning you can pin point exact areas of interest. There are many different features on the site so you can personalize it to your own personal preferences, for example you can change the way the wind speed is been measures (MPH, M\S e.g. ). There is only a few limited stranded features within this website for example the box with the information about the earth co-ordinates which is like a navigation bar these make the website usable and interesting . One another level there is some unique features within the website that you can personalize the site to see what you want to see and how you want to see it. You can change the scale that you see the different activities. The media that this site uses is imaging and colour other than this it doesn’t have any other media. The target audience for this site is for people who are interested in whats happening in the world, i think the ma of people who would be using this site will be well educated who can understand the content, therefore they will be of a high class background so your ABC1’S.,43.39,382/loc=-30.952,50.437

This website is used simply for passing time and entertainment. This site doesn’t really have a purpose. This site doesn’t have any stranded features and has only one unique feature which is choosing the colour your sand is. This site does have some sort of media it has Sound and some interactive forms. The interactive form is you been able to move your mouse and the sand move with you. These two sites are very simpler even though one has a purpose and one doesn’t, there both bland in media and were simply designed to pass time for people, but the next site i analyse  will be more like the one i would like to create.

Looking at these two websites there are some things that i have learnt about not to put on to the website, some of which are the media that goes on to the site and how it is been used.

Here is another site that i have found on the “awwwards” website and the link is down below. This site has many things that i would like to recreate in my own website it has a unique layout. it uses a film real to with hold the information and the real moves around and then you click on the window and then that takes you to the information. I like how this site uses that media to interact with the audience and particularly to this site that audience would be towards fisherman and people wold like the history of it.