VYN JOHNS – Vintage wedding fashion on the rise and trending

Vintage fashion is everywhere and the word “Vintage” means different things to different people.

To Vyn Johns, a vintage wedding shop in Sheffield, it means “nostalgia and emotional cost.”

The shop has been open 4 years and with the hard work and detailing of each and every dress the top price range is £2500; this price is factored with beautiful materials like silk.

People travel from all over the country and some just because they’ve seen Vyn John’s Instagram page.

To some people in this industry vintage could be items or styles from 1990/2000’s but to Vyn Johns its “1920-60 because the 1990’s seem like yesterday and to us that’s not vintage.”

Vyn Johns carried on to say; “People look back in time for more security and with a bespoke service it adds to that trust.”

The most important thing with in this industry is the relationship between the designer/technicians and the bride, if this isn’t there they wont be pleased, they will not spread the word and if they don’t do this then the trend doesn’t grow.

The relationship that is created when making a bespoke dress is an intermit one.

Rolando Robinson (49) a designer at Vyn Johns said “the best part of my job is seeing the brides face when you’ve completed the dress”

He continued to say “when people are really happy with what you’ve done, when theirs a tear in there eye.”

Not only are they shaping the bride’s big day and spending thousands of pounds, but they have chosen vintage as their style.

Designers and studios up and down the country have chosen vintage as their niche and genre to follow.

Creating stunning piece of clothing that will last in people’s memory’s forever, Vyn Johns are doing well to keep the vintage fashion industry alive and trending throughout the UK.

With apps like Depop and Asos marketplace the vintage fashion industry is growing and becoming more and more popular.

Maria Cunliffe (22) a self proclaim fashion lover said “I love too experiment with new and old styles of cloths and depop is a great way to find them and sell them”

She added “I think vintage fashion is a great way someone can express their selfs and more people are taking the leap and trust vintage more.”

There are lots of people now making money off the “Vintage” label and some only because it says the word vintage in the ad.

This increase in demand has meant, people like Maria Cunliffe and Vyn Johns can increase there prices.

After taking to people like this its clear to see that vintage fashion is taking the world by storm.