When someone says winter what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Christmas, loved by millions year on year.

It’s the one season when you can fully indulge in the festive spirit without been judged.

It’s the only time when you can get all the decorations down from storage and get creative, the only time you can truly eat what you want and not be frowned upon because it’s Christmas.

I recently took a trip to my favourite place when the dark nights are rolling in and the air is crisp, Centre Parcs.

As soon as it gets to November the lights go up and the Santa songs are pumped out across the grounds, it really does get this festive season off to a good start.

This is one of my favourite things about going, you can experience a little time with all the lights and the cosy fires to kick start Christmas.

Some people see this time of year as a chore and annoying but I feel like if you start it off early to get you in a good mood it makes it so much more enjoyable

Putting a side all the major events in your home at this time of year, a big one for the retailers is there festive items and marketing them.

Starbucks, Costa and even the fast food chains like McDonald’s have jumped on the wagon of making the cups and packaging look extra joyful when it gets to this time of year.

People go crazy over the little changes at this time of year, especially in 2015 when Starbucks released just plain red cups, people were devastated not to have their tall latte in a cup with reindeer or a pattern on it.

Speaking to a Christmas lover I wanted to find out what she thought about these products.

Jodie (15) a secondary school student said; “I love drinking my white chocolate mocha anyway at this time of year but having a festive cup to have it in is a nice extra.”

She added;” I think people did over react in 2015 but I can see where they are coming from, Starbucks could have put a bit more effort in.”dsc_0230