5 positive affects of user generated content:

–  You get the option to engage with people, either if there a customer or a anyone.

– Can be used to advertise things

– Most of them are free

-Its got an easy layout for all people to use

– Most people can access easily via the internet

5 negative affects of user generated content:

– Blog trolls

– People can easily cyber bully and pressure people in an emotional way

– People can become addicted to the websites

– There are no guarantee of readers

– People can access it so easily and add negative comments

3 websites i like the look of and why the style attracts me.

Apple – Its has a easy and simple layout, which is start forward to navigate. It has useful snip-its of information that is quick to read.


YouTube – It has simple contrasting colours that stand out, and instantly tell you were you are. Its has a easy layout so that anyone can navigate though out the website.


Facebook – It has a simple easy to use layout, however the main thing that i like about this website is that it can be customize and you can make it look how you want it to look, ie; you profile and your feed.