Today we have looked at Direct and Indirect quotes and how they are used in recent new articles: 

Direct Quotes –

Funfair owner Robert Wilkinson said the tragedy happened on the final night of the fairground’s four-day stay in Sheldon.

He said: “Those young children came to the fair with their mum to have fun and they left without her. It’s just heartbreaking.

“We are all completely devastated, but I’m so proud of our volunteer first aiders – they brought her back twice and the paramedics said later that they did a marvellous job.”

Indirect Quotes –

The district judge in the case, Tim Pattinson, said at the time that it was “quite staggering” that the charity had spent £330,000 on bringing the case, ten times the defence costs.

Then I went on to use them to write a news article while also including the 5’ws and the 4 Paragraph rule:

An award wining cyclist has suffered multiple injuries after taking part in the climax of this season’s cycle racing event in the county.

Lance Anderson (26) was competing in the Oxshire Road Race Championship which took place yesterday in Oxshire, terrified people watched on as a woman then went ahead and saved his life after she performed resuscitation on the unconscious body.

Oxdown Cycling Club road racer was descending Radcliffe Mount when a car had lost control on the track and continued to hurtle into the cyclist.

Mrs Joanne Pinto (age 54) then said: “It was awful. He was blue and appeared to have stopped breathing.

“But I have had first-aid training. I checked his pulse and administered the kiss of life.”

Mrs Pinto then went on to say that an ambulance arrived within minutes. She later phone St Mary’s Hospital, Oxdown, and was told that Lance was critically ill with multiple injuries – but the resuscitation had saved him.

Mrs Joanne Pinto, of Church Way, Oxdown, was just out for a walk with her sister, Dianne, when Lance overtook and the accident occurred on Radcliffe Mount.

Lance’s wife Pauline, 24, said later: “I can’t thank Mrs Pinto enough for what she did. The doctors are optimistic that Lance will pull through.”