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Loving guide dog owners and trainers gather together at the Sheffield student union, Sheffield for guide dog awareness.

This is a annual event at the union that brings people together to share their personal stories and the dogs journey.

This is one of the largest and most popular events that the Sheffield union organise which they do to raising money to fund guide dogs.

One dog costs £55’000 to train from when they are born to retirementimg_0341.jpg and that one dog can change a persons life drastically.

The event happened over the day with people visiting from the university itself and local people from sheffield.

Owners talked about the process the dogs have to go thought from birth; been socially trained, technically trained so the dog can deal with day to day problems and interactions and then finally personally trained/bonded with there new blind/deaf owner.



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How Has Brexit Affected Tourism

Leaving the country and getting some sun – everyone loves feeling the warmth of a foreign sun but, with the departure of the UK from the EU, are you going to have pay a lot more for this privilege?

According to the Institute Of Hospitality, 76% of UK holidays abroad are in European Union countries and 63% of holidaymakers in the UK are from these EU countries.

Back in 2014 the UK’s net contribution to the EU was around £9.8 billion which covers 12.6% of the total EU budget, the third largest contribution.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.37.49.png(infographic created by the Institute Of Hospitality)

When looking at movement of goods and services, around half of total UK exports are accounted for by EU countries, making it the single most important market for the UK.
Brexit consumer impacts:

– Roaming Charges;  The EU has recently introduced caps for mobile phone roaming charges, however the law applying these rules would be removed by Brexit, unless the UK Government acted to ensure it remained on Statute.

– Freedom of Movement; While the UK retains passport control we may have to have visas to travel within the EU this all depending on the outcome.

– European Health Insurance Card; The EHIC is available to all EU residents and guarantees the holder access to local health services on the same terms as those available to locals. In the event of Brexit this could all change meaning insurance premiums would increase and making you pay a lot more if anything was to happen on holiday.

The ability for you, or your children, to work in, for example, ski and beach resorts without a work permit, or fund a trip around Europe by taking casual jobs as you travel, is down to our EU membership which is all about to change. Brexit will mean a rethink of those rules and this could mean a work permit is going to be needed to work in these places.

Sara Wakelam (45) a travel agent for Co-op Travel in Sheffield, said: “As a company we’re 17% up on last year so have seen no negative effects as yet due to Brexit but no one knows the ultimate outcome.pta.jpg

“We have seen a price increase yes, a definite increase for ‘Euro’ countries with Spain and Portugal being the most popular, but as well as Brexit terrorisum is playing a part in it as well, it’s making people a lot more apprehensive.

“We have seen a difference in the amount of people booking holidays and trips away to places like Turkey and Egypt. Although the prices are greatly reduced for Muslim countries, people are still willing to pay the extra to stay in ‘safe’ countries such as Spain and Portugal. And you can’t sway their minds!.”

In the short term, Britain’s tourism industry is already looking to benefit from the frail pound as staycations here in the UK increase and international tourists make the most of the exchange rate.


Controlling Calories When Eating Out

We all love dining out, whether that’s eating great food at amazing restaurants or having a greasy burger from a fast-food chain.

However, if you’re a health hungry activist that one meal could throw your diet off balance.

Here in the UK we are eating out more and more.

According to OpenTable, ” Brits spend a quarter of their annual wage on eating out.”

The study shows that Brits eat out on average 1.5 times per week and spend up to £53 per meal.

If you’re eating calorie-laden fast food you’re bound to put on the weight but there are some tips to help eat out and keep slim.

The stronger your control over the food in front of you, the more likely you are to be able to stick to a lower-calorie eating-out plan.

  • Choose the right place to eat, choose places where they have low calorie options on their menus.
  • If you don’t eat all your food, get the waiter to take it away before you start picking at the remains again.
  • If your meal comes with potato chips, swap them for sweet potato.

The main thing is you don’t need to give up eating out, you can just choose meals that are under a calorie count.

For example, Italian restaurant Zizzis have a notice on their menus that some of their meals are under 600 calories, which is great for a meal out without the guilt.

Lee Stocks, senior head chief at True North Restaurants, in Sheffield, said: “It is difficult to create menus that include a range of dietary restrictions when the menus are larger, as the more dishes you have the more time consuming the work is.

“When we open new sites we design the menu to suit everyone’s taste so we use dishes that we class as safe options ( pies, chicken, fish and chips, burgers etc).”

Nutrition is important to the True North chef: “I think our meals are nutritional as the food is cooked fresh, it’s not processed food like you find in a lot of chain restaurants  and we have well balanced dishes with meat, fish, vegetables and salad.”

However, if counting your calories isn’t good enough, looking deeper in to your nutrition is an extra road to go down.

Matt Tagg, a personal trainer, has helped people lose weight and changed their lives. His biggest achievement is 22lbs/1.5 stone in six weeks.

Matt also said that he thinks restaurants could do more “by including all nutritional value of their meals online and on their menus to put people’s minds at ease to what they’re eating. Also having more variety could also be a positive step forward.”

Matt has the following advice for what we should be consuming when either choosing off a menu or at home: “We should be consuming a variety of foods such as complete proteins like chicken, fish and beans. Complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato, oatmeal and rice and essential fatty acids such at omega 3 and 6 from fish and a variety of nuts and seeds.”

Up and Coming GIN …

Increase in demand for gin is meaning distilleries are working 24/7 to give us our beloved beverage.

Gin has been around since the mid 1700s.

The first cocktail to be noted down was a gin-based cocktail.

It has never been so popular with bar and pubs pulling people in to try their massive collection of fabulous gins, with some having over 30 different types.

A lot of these having complex and interesting flavours like seaweed which is great as an aperitif to clear your pallet and open your taste buds, its best served with seafood dishes.

Pink Pepper is another new and different drink; with flavours of honey, cardamon, vanilla and hand picked peppercorns, these ingredients are distilled separately and then blended together.

Some gins are even said to have healing power; Nordes Galician is known as the therapy gin and claims to heal all sorrows, when drinking it neat it has a after taste of berries but if you’re too faint hearted for neat drinks adding tonic will bring out citrus flavours with strong grapefruit.Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 15.17.51.png

Many people are making a lot of money though this craze with some shots of gin costing as much as £5 just for the gin, no tonic, but people are paying for it and loving it too.

True North Brew Co is hitting this hard with the bars like Forum bar and kitchen, Blue Stoops and the British Oak having a huge range and now have started to the Sheffield School Of Gin.

This exciting new school is where gin activist can go and learn all about the history of gin, develop a deeper understanding of botanicals and become an expect in garnishes.

The curator will then assist you in developing your own blend to take home.

The session lasts three hours, during this time you will receive a Sheffield Dry Gin & Franklin tonic, one of there favourite gin cocktails and finish with the curators choice cocktail at The Old House at the cost of £70 per person.

The Gin Emporium is a mobile Gin Bar and Gin Tasting experience company which run mobile gin bars at events like weddings and corporate events, Gin Tasting experiences – completely mobile – up and down the UK, Gin Clubs – these are public ticketed Gin events in Nottingham, Bristol and soon Sheffield! Each month is different, themed and fun!

The Emporium stocks around 100/150 gins at one time and can cater between 150 and 2000 people at a time.

Gabby Garcia the director of the Gin Emporium said: ” Gin is now extremely popular at the moment and has been for quite a few years now. Licensing laws changed the way people could create gin and this made way for some really exciting gins to hit the market a few years back. The gin industry has continue to grow and flourish.”

“I loved Gin & had done for quite a while, before it became fashionable, I saw that Gin was getting more exciting for others and I wanted to share my love, enthusiasm and knowledge with other people.”

Gin isn’t something that will just stop at a certain time Gabby said: “Our busiest time starts in March and ends in about October. This tends to be corporate party season and of course hen dos & weddings. We also peak in December with Christmas parties.”

There are many exotic and expensive Gins in the market Gabby from the Gin Emporium said: ” We offer a range of Gins from outside of the UK. We now specialise in getting gins from Europe, South Africa, Australia & South America imported to bring people a variety they don’t see in other places. One of our new gins is the first London Dry Gin to be distilled in South America from Brazil.”

Gin is made with juniper berries which is not really a berry at all, it’s a female seed cone, nearly all picked wild and not cultivated which makes it great for the environment.

This wave of gin love has transformed the way we drink and serve, in Spain the “gin and tonic” is served in a balloon wine glass and comes with all kinds of botanicals.

We, here in Sheffield have now taken this fad and ran with it, now it’s strange not to get your seaweed gin in a wine glass.


More than 67,000 people have signed a petition to try and stop the fracking from happening in Derbyshire.

Fracking, a process where high pressure water or air is fired into bedrock to release gases and oil.

This is going to be done by a private fracking company called INEOS.

It explains in this short video who it’s going to affect, how it is and what they are doing to prevent it.


Production Diary


Today we have been brief on our Final Major Project (FMP); this is to produce a Website that will include written features, mobile media packages, photojournalism and many other examples of journalistic content to showcase my skills and knowledge. I have thought of some features that I will home to follow up some of them include; varied local topics like, vintage fashion, Fracking and nutrition. The platform I have decided to display my work on WordPress over Thisistap and Muse this is because its simple but yer very affective, I have also learnt the knowledge and skills to produce a professional looking site some of these skills include; Photography, processed writing and interviewing and branding.  I have also written my proposal which includes rational, project concept and evaluation. The only thing I found difficult was writing about the exact content I will be writing about because I am not entirely sure what I will be specifically writing about yet, but I did note down the ideas that I do have. I now need to move on to my research in order to start producing my copy to the highest standard possible.


Today I have been to conduct my first interview with a vintage bridal shop, Vyn Johns which I sourced from a presentation we had in college. This is for a piece of copy I hope to complete on the subject and how vintage fashion is on the rise within the wedding industry. I sourced this story on Facebook from a friend of mine liking their page, this topic seemed interesting to me and its something I thought Id be able to write about. When it came to the interview its self the only thing I found difficult was been sure id asked enough questions so that when I came away and ready to write I have all the information I need. Preparation is something I need to work on when conducting more interviews so I don’t just ask meaningless questions that waste time. This will help my throughout my FMP on my time management and efficiency.


Today we have been brief on our Final Major Project (FMP); this is to produce a Website that will include written features, mobile media packages, photojournalism and many other examples of journalistic content to showcase my skills and knowledge. I have thought of some features that I will home to follow up some of them include; varied local topics like, vintage fashion, Fracking and nutrition. The platform I have decided to display my work on is ThisIsTap this is because I have learnt the knowledge and skills to produce a professional looking site some of these skills include; Photography, processed writing and interviewing and branding.  I have also written my proposal which includes rational, project concept and evaluation. The only thing I found difficult was writing about the exact content I will be writing about because I am not entirely sure what I will be specifically writing about yet, but I did note down the ideas that I do have. I now need to move on to my research in order to start producing my copy to the highest standard possible.


Today I have started to write up my Vintage fashion piece which includes a interview with a designer from Vyn Johns wedding studio. I found writing this story quite difficult due to me slipping in to a blog style of writing that I didn’t want. Because of this I had to re do this piece a few times until I found the right words and phrases to create this news worthy piece. From knowing this I will make sure when writing my next story I make some pre notes so I can see the direction of the piece and plan more of the article to help me know if its going to work and I will be able to keep doing this throughout my FMP.


Today I have been out to interview a local individual from marsh lane on Fracking which I sourced from posters been posted around the village where I live. It went really well even thought she didn’t want her face in the video I am able to use the photo with her in. Even though I went with the expectation to film her, I adapted my self to recording her and then shooting B-roll to place over the top when editing. It went well because I got to gather lots of information and video content. In future I will need to ask the people I am interviewing if I am able to use there faces in videos and photos before I organise to meet them because if it was detrimental that the video had there face in it I would have wasted my time, there time and the idea.  This will help me as I go on though my FMP because I know that I am able to adapt and change the way I need to work even when I’m out and about. Today I have also tried twitting the Sheffield Gin festival to try sourcing another story but I have heard nothing back so far.


Today I have edited my media package. It was difficult because the person I wanted too video didn’t want her face in the recording so I layered different shots and cut aways to allow her face too be covered. It wasn’t hard to do so but it did take some time and skill because I had recorded the voice as a mp4 not mp3 so that meant me having to put video footage on top of video footage.  I personally believe I still managed to create a professional looking video. This will help me in my FMP because its another piece of work that I will be able to add to my portfolio. Also today I have tried again to tweet the Sheffield Gin Festival as I haven’t heard anything back since the last time I tried.


Today I have gone back to finish my Vintage fashion piece to add on some extra information including a extra interview. This helps me to cement my story together and brings In another point of view in the article. I also made a advancement on my Sheffield Gin festival piece, I decided that tweeting them was getting me no where so I went online and found there email address and they have go to me straight away. I am going to think of some questions and email them back with them hoping to get back a lot of information to produce another good article about. This has helped me in my Fmp because I know that if I need to find information I can simply email or tweet people. This is good from me because it saves time and whilst I am waiting for a reply I can be continuing on with another piece of work.


This morning I have started to work on my Gin article which I have sourced from a tweet I saw after looking into whats happening in sheffield. I have planned to interview the people that run the gin festival sheffield and also get some figures from a local pub to see how much is sold every day, week and month I will then create a info graphic. I am still waiting on the answers from the questions I have emailed to the gin festival.


I have started to research some nutritionists on facebook and twitter for my next story idea which I sourced from a friend doing the Soup Diet which I thought was interesting and people would like to know what diets we should be trying if any. I have done this because it’s easy to find and message people so it saves time. I have also emailed a head chefs at a local restaurant asking if I would ask him some questions about how they devise a menu to suit everyone and also keeping it healthy. This afternoon I have found and message a nutritionist asking if I could ask them some quick questions it says it may take up to 24 hours for a response due to a busy schedule. I have also emailed the head chef at True North. Whilst I wait I am going to move one to another Idea.


This afternoon I have added Gin tasting notes for my article of up and coming gins. This Is good because it adds another side to my story that will Appel more to my target audience. Unfortunately the people at the Gin Festival sheffield don’t have time to answer the questions that I sent so unfortunately I have had to look in to other people I could interview about Gin. Thats when I came across the Gin Emporium on twitter, I fired over some questions and they got back to me straight away. I have also messaged a personal trainer after finding her on Facebook to ask her some questions for another idea I have had, Controlling calories when out for meals. Finding people on Facebook is great for my FMP because its quick and saves time for writing my content.


This morning have complete work on Gin article and Calories article. After hearing back from both the director of The Gin Emporium and the Head Chef at True North. I did hit a few barriers when writing both these articles because it took a while for the people I wanted to talk to go back to me for example the Gin Festival, which in some cases made the process of writing harder and longer but whilst waiting for people to contact me back. I have carried on with other work and this method is helping me thoughtout my FMP and from now one I will try and contact people and make sure they have plenty of time.


Today I have been researching for my Housing in Dronfield media package which I have sourced from a flyer been posted thought my door I have decided to create a media package on this subject because I think a video will be able to capture the impact and importance of the topic to the people that it will be affecting. I have found out where the houses are been proposed to be built and also have found some of the councils “key proposals” this will be useful information because I will be able to plan more questions to ask the people I’m interviewing, learning from my other pieces I have produced I will predict the answers so I can ask questions about there answer therefor expanding my media package and retrieving more information.


I have been looking at some font choices for the display site I will be creating within the next few days. I have shortlisted 3 which all have Pros and Cons to them.

Abril Fatface – This font is bold and eye catching but could be to simple and not interesting enough to draw the reader in more.

Anonymous Pro – This is a delicate font which is easy on the eyes and is interesting for the reader but because it is thin it may not be eye catching enough to invite the reader in first.

Oswald – This font is bold, eye catching and interesting for the reader and is the one I am going to be using for my display site.


I have now begun my research for my display site, so I have looked at some different themes that I like the look of so I can plan what ideas for the website I am going to create. I have been looking at layouts, themes, logos and even fabicons. I have done this because it will make the process easier to get my thoughts and ideas on paper so I can see if they’re going to workout. I have now drawn a sketched of what I would like my site to look like, if I follow this I can have a rough idea of what my site is going to look like. This is going to be helpful for my FMP because I have a physical copy and visual plan to stick to and keep on. I now need to produce this, inset my work on to it and see what my test group like and dislike.



Today I have completed my feature on how Brexit has affected tourism after the person I have interviewed got back to me with the questions I emailed them. They was on holiday so this held this piece back a few days from been finished but knowing this now in the future if I need to find information out I will be contacting them will in advance and I have learnt this all the way thoughout my FMP project. I have also create a new site to house all my piece to display them the best I can, I have chosen to use Wordpess and by using a different theme it has created a clean and professional looking site to display my work on – – I have also started to put in place photos for my photojournalism pieces and my final media package on new houses been built in Dronfield .


The sheffield Student union at Sheffield University help a event this afternoon on helping people with guide dogs and funding them. I found this out by looking thought pages on Facebook about events happening in sheffield. I went along to get some more information and in hope to produce a podcast. I have decided to create my podcast on this because it if a great cause and more people need to be aware that very little funding from the government and councils up and down the Uk is given to help train and raise these young pups that can save peoples lives. When we arrived I introduced myself and asked if it would be ok to record them, I explained who I was and where I was from. After receiving there permission to record them I asked there ages (both owner and dog) where they was from and how they had come to been in each other life. I did this so I could identify them in my podcast because after looking in to podcasts made my other people this is needed. I then went on to interview the people that organised the event so i had the right information to be putting on my podcast I have some questions pre-planned about why and how they had the passion and idea to come up with such event but let them explain and much as they could. After I had collected all the information I needs I took a few snapshots for my photojournalism slideshow. I then begun to edit my recordings it all went smoothly but in future I would only need to record specific key parts of information because cropping thought 10 minutes can be very time consuming. Then I went on to export the file to find out that the ZoomMic that I had used was on the wrong setting thought the whole time been at the event and wouldn’t let me export. So I had to over come this issue but changing the file within iMovie and upload it to Youtube. When creating my next media package I will take more care in making sire all the right setting are correct on the equipment I am using to produce it there for not having this problem again.


Today I have been to film my final media package which is base on a plan for new houses been build in and around the Dronfield area. The interview was taken place at a residents house who feels strongly on the houses been built which was good because there was no noise pollution in the recording of the video. When come to editing I chose a style that I find works well with strong issues and that is layering video and photos over the interviewee. I believe this creates a well balanced contrast between the serious information been given and a light hearted viewing content. I believe this will be more interesting for my target audience seen as they are 16-25 and my not want to just be watching some person talking about a subject, I feel like the photos and internal videos keep them interested and engaged thought. This is important and has been thought out my FMP because the content that I am producing needs to be not only suitable but interesting, entertaining and engaging for the reader.


This morning I have started to create a survey so I can collect some audience feedback on my display site and articles. This is important because it is a way for me to find out anything I could improve and work on more before the deadline. Having imput from outsiders may help me to get a fresh look in on the work I have been creating over the last couple of months. Within the survey I have asked questions like; which articles they like the most and in there opinion links best to my target audience of 16-25. I have also asked some questions on there demographic for example age and gender which is important because it will help me build a profile on the people that answer my survey. Finally I have asked them to follow the links to specific questions to find out if they like the photos and the way the videos are edited and if they link back to the target audience. Finding out all this will help me when it comes to writing my final evaluation because I can talk about when I would do next time or if I had to do it again, what people liked and disliked.


After posting my survey on Facebook, which I thought would work well because I have hundreds of friends that are within the age range I was targeting my content at 16-25 therefore I can receive accurate and fair information and figures, after leaving it on there a few days 8 people had done my survey with a 100% answer rate with no questions skipped and not answered. Five of the people that answered my survey were female and three male, the goal was to collect feedback on the content and presentation of my website.


When asked ‘From looking at the website which article/feature do you find most interesting? The favourite was clearly Up and coming Gin followed by How has Brexit affected tourism. This question on my survey was based the title of my features and which one the individual felt they liked the best. The ones that have been chosen here suggests to me that this is what the people in this age bracket want to read and find engaging, which is interesting because when thinking about writing more content I should be considering this feedback.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 19.12.04.png

When asking which article they felt the target audience (16-25) would like the best the majority with more than 50% of them saying Up and coming Gin, some even left comments saying “the people in this age bracket are drawn to drinking and this would fuel that interest.” However some of the other articles where chosen which made for as varied spectrum of results. Having 5 out of 9 articles chosen by the target audience indicates that they think that the content I have written is relevant and the topics I have covered are interesting. Another comment made about the No Fracking Way campaign said: “This topic is relevant to the area that I live in and it is interesting to find out what is really going on, having someone tell me this information who has done there research has really helped me. Helped me to understand, started researching myself in to what is happening in our local area” this shows that the article that I have chosen to write about is relevant and engaging for my target audience. Further people commented on how the topics I have chosen to produce are “interesting and relevant” all this feedback shows is that content links positively with the target audience.

When questioned about the athletics of the site 100% of the people that answered said that it was easy to navigate and that the images that are displayed are relevant to the content. People left comments saying “you instantly know what the articles are going to be about when you have a good images like your articles do, you then can decide if you want to carry on and read them” this suggests to me that the images that I have used complement and are relevant to the content I have matched them with.

When looking at what people thought of the navigation of my site people commented on how easy they found the site to use, they said “having all the content on the home screen is great, its easy to get to and I think anyone could navigate it even people not in your age bracket meaning both younger and older”. This comment explains and highlights to me that I made the right decision with the theme I chose for my site and having it set out like it is. My fear when creating the website was that people would find the layout to simple and therefore not be as affected or engaging in the same way I wanted them to be but I’m glad I stuck with my original idea and followed thought with my website template I produced as a plan and guide.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 19.50.16.png


When asked which style of article they like and preferred the the answers where spilt between media packages and written articles, as show on this pie chart. This clearly suggests that these two forms of content are the types of content my target audience want to see and read. Some people left comments on this, one said: “media packages because they are easy to learn about the information that is been given to you.” On the other hand people said:” written articles, you don’t have to wait for videos to load plus they can have more details within so may be more interesting and engaging.”


Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 19.24.20.png


When asked if the target audience felt my articles where written well the feedback was mostly positive with only one negative answers as you can see from the chart. Everyone answered yes too the question, there is a why section here because I missed the button when creating this survey that allows you add a why comment on as a separate entity but I didn’t meaning when someone went to write in there it showed up as this. These positive comments includes how I had written well interesting stories but still managing too keep them short and not to going off topic. They went on to praise the structure and the dynamics of the of the articles. I am really happy to receive this positive  feedback because it shows that the effort that I have put in to carter my articles to my target audience has paid off. I have tried to create content that I (been within the target audience bracket) would enjoy reading that is interesting and at a professional standard. A negative answer was left saying: “some articles may be to brief and the topic that have you have covered might not be as engaging to the younger end of your age bracket”. Taking this forward and looking to improve on my content, I will try to either choose topics that everyone would be interested in. However this may be difficult because everyone is individual and likes different things. To try and improve this I will hope to hold more focus groups with a range of people from my target audience, with hope to get there opinions early on so I can if necessary add extra information or change the article.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 09.54.42.png


In my survey I asked questions on individual articles to try and get some responses about the type of information I used with in them. For example my target audience answered this question on if the info-graphic within the ‘how has Brexit affected tourism’. Everyone that answered said yes with some leaving comments. One said: “it allows you to compare the difference between countries. much more interesting to look at those figures in a pie chart rather than writing” this comment suggests to me that using info-graphics is a good for people when reading articles because it is easy to find the information straight away. Knowing this now in future articles I would like to create or collect more info-graphics.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.00.56.png


I then asked a similar question on the fracking media package, this time asking if the way the video was edited is appealing to the target audience, 90% of the feedback was positive with people leaving comments such as: “it is simple but yet effective, the music and footage keeps you engaged and interested” which suggests that the way I have edited this package is what I wanted to achieve when setting out the create one. Another comment read: “yes. the young girl speaking helps as it’s someone in that age range and so speaks out to the audience of 16-25 more. also, taking about house prices etc. its relevant to viewers more towards age 25 as that is what they are doing now – buying houses!” this comment shows that the target audience do like the content as well as the way the video was edited. If I was to improve this in anyway I would try and film a subject that would allow me to record there face as this may have been the reason for getting a No on the article but as there was no negative comment I will never know.

Conducting this survey has given me feedback that reassures me the target audience really like my website and content that its appears on it. I appreciate the constructive criticism that some people have left and I can take this feedback with me moving on making improvements and changes to my site.


Summative Conclusion –

Throughout my FMP I have planned, researched and solved problems that have I have faced alone.

My planning skills have been improved throughout this project as its the most important part of creating content. Planning, time management and concise writing are all needed, which I think I have adapted and improved on. However when planning I could have created a more physical copy of this plan apposed to having a mental one.

My use of primary and secondary sources was a strength particularly social media which was the most useful research tool in terms of sourcing information, interviewees and gathering audience feedback. Sometime social media can be a downside as well because there are a great deal of fake profiles, some people simply do not have to time to respond and this is one of the problems that I have had to encounter myself. I feel that I over came this issue quickly when it happened. Focusing closely on legal and ethical issues such as copyright which I dealt with by taking all of my own images and asking to use the images I did not take.

I feel like my final website is of a publishable quality and clearly appeals to my target audience as I found out from my survey. They told me the site is easy to navigate, content is written will and what there favourite style was. I feel the content could be improved by there been more of it, as the target audience liked to see media packages as they are simple and engaging, having a wider spectrum of content for such a wide age bracket (16-25).



Vyn Johns – Rolando Robinson – 07710 251 436 / 0114 266 9657 , Maria Cunliffe – 07769348972 –

Fracking – Isabelle Roberts – 07711842894

Has Brexit Affected Tourism  – Sara Wakelam – 01142481473 –

Up and coming Gin – Gabby Garcia –

Counting calories and nutrion – Lee Stocks –, Matt tagg –  07753 185440

Podcast – Megan Smith –

Dronfield in Up roar – James Clayton – 01246 292919


Vyn Johns

VYN JOHNS – Vintage wedding fashion on the rise and trending

Vintage fashion is everywhere and the word “Vintage” means different things to different people.

To Vyn Johns, a vintage wedding shop in Sheffield, it means “nostalgia and emotional cost.”

The shop has been open 4 years and with the hard work and detailing of each and every dress the top price range is £2500; this price is factored with beautiful materials like silk.

People travel from all over the country and some just because they’ve seen Vyn John’s Instagram page.

To some people in this industry vintage could be items or styles from 1990/2000’s but to Vyn Johns its “1920-60 because the 1990’s seem like yesterday and to us that’s not vintage.”

Vyn Johns carried on to say; “People look back in time for more security and with a bespoke service it adds to that trust.”

The most important thing with in this industry is the relationship between the designer/technicians and the bride, if this isn’t there they wont be pleased, they will not spread the word and if they don’t do this then the trend doesn’t grow.

The relationship that is created when making a bespoke dress is an intermit one.

Rolando Robinson (49) a designer at Vyn Johns said “the best part of my job is seeing the brides face when you’ve completed the dress”

He continued to say “when people are really happy with what you’ve done, when theirs a tear in there eye.”

Not only are they shaping the bride’s big day and spending thousands of pounds, but they have chosen vintage as their style.

Designers and studios up and down the country have chosen vintage as their niche and genre to follow.

Creating stunning piece of clothing that will last in people’s memory’s forever, Vyn Johns are doing well to keep the vintage fashion industry alive and trending throughout the UK.

With apps like Depop and Asos marketplace the vintage fashion industry is growing and becoming more and more popular.

Maria Cunliffe (22) a self proclaim fashion lover said “I love too experiment with new and old styles of cloths and depop is a great way to find them and sell them”

She added “I think vintage fashion is a great way someone can express their selfs and more people are taking the leap and trust vintage more.”

There are lots of people now making money off the “Vintage” label and some only because it says the word vintage in the ad.

This increase in demand has meant, people like Maria Cunliffe and Vyn Johns can increase there prices.

After taking to people like this its clear to see that vintage fashion is taking the world by storm.

Proposal – 13.1.1, 13.1.2, 13.4.1

– Centre Name & Number –  36510 – The Sheffield College

– Candidate Name – Reece Payling

– Candidate Number – 82831

– Pathway – Journalism and Social Media


Section 1 – Rationale

My Website will include written features, mobile media packages, photojournalism and many other examples of journalistic content to showcase my skills and knowledge developed thought the previous 12 units. I plan to create a range of content using different topics that will relate to my target age range, 16-25, mixed gender. My skills include; time management, concise writing and professional interviewing techniques, Photoshop and photography skills (ISO, depth of field and sputter speed), Muse (static site), THISISTAP. I feel confident on my technical knowledge to create my site and write my copy. Within my unit 12 specialist study I found out that the digitalization of journalism has been important to the industry, as young people are wanting to read more engaging and interactive content online. My aim is therefore to create an online portfolio that is more interesting to my contemporary and digitally literate audience.

Section 2 – Project Concept

My concept and aims for my FMP is to produce a presentation website which will function as a digital portfolio to display and showcase my journalistic skills such as producing features, media packages and photojournalism that will include varied local topics like, vintage fashion, fracking and nutrition. I have looked at a range of different contextual research in unit 12, which will and has helped me to understand what type of content works the best *. I will hope to use audio and video journalism in some of the pieces I am going to be working on and the package I created in unit 10 has helped me decide how I want to edit my future media packages *. Some of the resources that I will be using to produce my content will be cameras, video cameras (or mobile phone depending on location) and computers to edit on. I will be choosing to use Wordpess to present my content because I have learnt the skills and knowledge to create a professional looking site over the last year. Keeping to the allocated timescale will be difficult but with the help of a production dairy I will know where I am at with my my content. I may have to face other constraints in the form of legal and ethical issues such as copyright, I will be overcoming this by asking for permission on images I use or creating all the content used myself. I will be sourcing stories using social media (twitter, blogs, Facebook), local news, papers and will following them up by messaging them directly. I will be using my phone to find the multi media content and WordPress to collect tutor and peer feedback.




Section 3 – Evaluation

By creating a production diary, it will help me reflect and evaluate on the work I complete. This will be an on going activity so the reflection can be in-depth and analytical. The diary will document the primary and secondary sources for my content production and reflect on the usefulness and relevance of them. I will be organizing my production diary by dating my entries throughout the process. Managing my time so I don’t forget this diary will be important, by setting a notification on my phone every couple of days. Producing a action plan and timetable will help structure my FMP.




Brown, Beth, and Beth Brown. “The Best Websites And Apps For Buying And Selling Used Clothes”. Verily. N.p., 2017. Web. 6 June 2017.

Garcia. G  – “The Gin Emporium”. N.p., 2017. Web. 6 June 2017.

Wakelam. S – “sarawakelampersonaltravelagent N.p., 2017. Web. 6 June 2017

Tagg. M – trainer, Personal. “Matt Tagg Personal Trainer”. N.p., 2017. Web. 6 June 2017.


For this essay, I anticipate that the digitalization of the journalism industry has been for the best and has been one of the best technical advances in a long time. I expect to find out how technical advances has had an impact on journalists lives and how they have had to adapt to accommodate their audience, either this been online or in magazines. I also anticipate to find out that people have found it a hard transition this not just been the journalist but the reader, the fact that they have had to learn how to get their information from somewhere else.

The reason I have chosen to research this is because I think this was a difficult thing for journalists and their audiences to deal with and overcome. I want to learn and understand what journalists had to do and how they had to adapt to draw people online to read and see there copy. This is going to help me in my own work by finding out what draws people to online publications.

Concurring to my first academic source Bradshaw and Rohumaa, “some fear that ‘traditional’ skills of news gathering and news writing will disappear, and that technology will become more important that stories” (2011, pg2). This is stating that tradition ways of gathering and writing copy is going to be over took by technology, as this was written in 2011 it has happened now we have gotten to 2017. This quote depends on what you as the reader interoperate the word “traditional” as, I see it as pen and paper and going out on the street to find the story but others might see it as asking lots of personal questions to get enough information to draw in their readers. I asked Stacey Rhodes (18) a journalism student what she thought. She said “I think that the traditional skills of new writing haven’t changed as much as the gathering side of journalism have, you just need to be carful what your writing because it will stay on there for a long time.” This quote links to my hypothesis and supports it because it states that technology will become more important along with online media.

According to Lareau which is a cultural source, “All this digitization has meant a move away from equipment-based jobs” (2017). This quote is stating that because of the digitalization movement the lives of some journalistic roles have been compromised and they have had to adapt to continue with there careers by keeping up with the technical advances. This backs up my hypothesis because it shows that people have had to adapt and in some cases be laid off work.

Lareau also said “The fact that digital equipment is easier to use has led to new expectations of how we work, and blurred job titles and job descriptions. Citizen journalism has allowed the numbers of reporters and photographers to be lower. The growth in numbers of amateur columnists and opinion writers is staggering” (2017).  This quote suggests that the industry has needed less and less highered reporters because people have now got smart phones and cameras, due to the advances in technology, so readily available to capture the story and post it straight to the internet. This quote also suggests that a journalist doesn’t only now do the writing or just the sourcing. Where this quote states “blurred job titles” it means that they don’t have a specific job or skill, they do everything and anything because if they don’t the journalist is going to be left behind. All this suggests that the digitalization movement is better for the industry but not for the individual journalist. This quote backs up and further supports my hypothesis because it explains how both citizens/readers have help the journalist and the journalism insdusty.

Moving on to my next academic source. According to Foust, “on the internet, more than with any other mediums, people have the power to choose the information they want when they want, retrieve it how they want and where they want” (2005). This quote suggests that the reader has all the power when it comes to what is going to read online, this makes it hard for the journalist because if a piece of copy is put in a newspaper its in and there’s nothing the reader can do about it but when a journalist post a piece of there work online the reader can choose to go no where near it and therefore the journalist getting no hits. This quote supports my hypothesis because it explains that the reader is the one in control and that the journalist is having to adapt to capture the attention of the reader to get their hits.

Foust also said “the internet provides the potential for a greater level of audience involvement in the journalistic process” (2005). This quote further backs up the previous point by saying that the audience have had to adapt from just reading the copy to been able to adapt the copy that’s already written and add extra.

My final source is from a newspaper. According to Krotoski, “The web’s effect on news reporting is considered the most clear evidence that this is a revolutionary technology: news editors – and in some cases, the governments that they observe – are no longer the gatekeepers to information because costs of distribution have almost completely disappeared.” This quote suggests that people already know what’s going on within the news before the reporter has time to use the tradition methods to report the same news. This is, as the quote says, the revolution of technology. This links and supports my hypothesis because it talks about the technical advances and how this has had a great impact on both the journalist and the reader.

Overall, from doing my research I have found out that my suggested hypothesis was correct by analysing quotes from both my academic and cultural sources. From books that talked about “traditional skills” and “evolving” to journals talking about digitalization, I have also included people’s opinion on the matter. The only point in my hypothesis that I have been unable to find out is; how people have found the transition when digitalization took place.

Research Sources –

Foust, J.C. (2005) Online journalism: Principles and practices of news for the web : Holcomb Hathaway Publishing.

Krotoski (2011) What effect has the internet had on journalism? What effect has the internet had on journalism? [online] 1/2/17 at:

Lareau (2017) The impact of digital technology on media workers: Life has completely changed [online] 31/1/17 at

Rohumaa, L. and Bradshaw, P. (2011) The online journalism handbook: Skills to survive and thrive in the digital age: Prentice Hall.


Cover letter – Unit 11

Dear Sir or Madam

I am sending you my CV and cover letter about the current job position, Duty Manager for true north brew c.o. After reading your job description I would like to apply for this role within your company.

As I have mentioned on my CV I have experiences within the hospitality business, from working at The British Oak as a waiter, I have gained all sorts of skills to add towards this job that I am applying for. These include being passionate about quality of food and drink. Dealing with customers who have had bad quality food or complaints because of this, I have been able to build a knowledge and understanding of how important quality is for the customer. This has made me care about quality of food and drink that will be presented to the customer. This leads me onto customer satisfaction, where in this area, I am 100% committed to delivering the needs and expectations to the customer.

From starting this job at the beginning I had very little experience in working in this sort of environment, from then I have learnt a wide range of skills which I have explained in my CV. I always have a positive attitude towards my job and customers in order to deliver the best customer service I can give.

I feel like this job can help be build further on my skills and learn more about the hospitality industry.

Yours Faithfully

Reece Payling

CV Unit 11

Personal statement-

I am a confident and reliable individual who puts thier all in to any task that is presented to me. I am motivated and quick to learn skills needed in any work environment. I really love working with people. I have great communication skills and can talk to anyone on their own or in front of a crowd. I am confident when presenting and will have no problem adding a bit of humor to focus the audience. I really enjoy spending time with my family. It is one of the most important things in my life. I love to travel and explore new places and experience different cultures. I like food and drink and always like to try new things.


Hillsborough College – 2015 – Present

UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production (Journalism and Social media)


Westfield School – Sheffield sept 2000 – June 2015

GCSE Results in the following subjects:

  • Photography
  • Photography Communication
  • ICT National Cert
  • ICT Level 2
  • Religious Education
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Additional Qualifications-

  • AS Level in Photography
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Silver

Work Experience-

THE START – Sept 2016 – Present

I have been writing for the Sheffield star as part of my current college course which has been helping with my journalistic skills and basic writing. I have really been enjoying it because its exciting to see if your piece of work has been good enough to be put in. Its just a extra bit of acknowledgment of your work been good.

BRITISH OAK – Sept 2015 – Oct 2016

I have taken part in activities that demonstrate my interest in hospitality the main one been a job. I worked in a Pub part time which showed me the path of hospitality. I had been there 12 months and loved every minute of working there, from the customers that come in to the staff that I worked with. The reason I am passionate about working in the hospitality business is the challenges I am presented with on a daily basis and having to overcome them. My duties include taking of food & drink orders, using their reservation system, seating and greeting customers, delivering food and drinks to tables, clearing tables and cash handling.

As well as this work experience I had some opportunities in festivals and weddings, I helped serve food and drink and take orders.


Skills –

Whilst I have been in education I have always been devolving my skills trying to have a broad set, here are some of my skills I, and others, think.

  • Customer care
  • Communication
  • Team leader
  • Polite
  • Professional manner
  • Team worker
  • Independent worker
  • Software Skill
  • Web Design


Please feel free to ask for a reference on requested

Yours Faithfully

Reece Payling

Researching Unit 12

Surname, initial, (year of publication), (which addition), title, publisher, page number

The online journalism handbook – skills to survive and thrive in the digital age

Paul Bradshaw

liisa rohumaa

Pearson Education Limited



Page 2-

“we’re all online journalists now. Whether we work for a newspaper, a broadcaster or a online outlet, our stories, pictures, audio and video appear online and what started out in print becomes archived on the web – from ink to hyperlink”


“some fear that ‘traditional’ skills of news gathering and news writing will disappear, and that technology will become more important that stories.”


“traditional skills remain central to the journalist’s craft.”


“online journalism is evolving and reports have to be adaptable.”


“users increasingly expect the news to come to them”


Third Edition, Online Journalism, Principles and Practices of News for the Web

James c Foust

Holcomb Hathaway publishers



Page 6 –


“the internets first advantage is that it affords the audience greater control over information.”


“on the internet, more than with any other mediums, people have the power to choose the information they want when they want, retrieve it how they want and where they want.”


Page 11-


“the internet provides the potential for a greater level of audience involvement in the journalistic process.”


“this involvement ranges from simple commenting on stories all the way to citizen journalism, whereby stories are actually written by members of the audience.”  .




Lise Lareau


The impact of digital technology on media workers: Life has completely changed


“All this digitization has meant a move away from equipment-based jobs.”


“Audio and video editing can be done on a reporter’s or producer’s desktop. Videotape no longer requires lighting or sound technicians.”


“The fact that digital equipment is easier to use has led to new expectations of how we work, and blurred job titles and job descriptions.”


“Citizen journalism has allowed the numbers of reporters and photographers to be lower. It may not have directly led to layoffs but it’s been an enabler of layoffs. The growth in numbers of amateur columnists and opinion writers is staggering.”


“the digital revolution prompted another disastrous series of events in journalism: it fuelled the great rush to media convergence”


“The problem is that every time one company bought a newspaper or TV station, the first thing they did was lay off people to pay for it”


“But now she says it’s faster. Gone are the rough deadline times of 12 noon and 5 pm. Now the expectation is file video, audio and print, all the time.”


“It’s all about getting those six paragraphs out faster than anyone else. The pressure is to beat the other news services’ online news.”


What effect has the internet had on journalism?

Aleks Krotoski


20 February 2011


“The web’s effect on news reporting is considered the most clear evidence that this is a revolutionary technology: news editors – and in some cases, the governments that they observe – are no longer the gatekeepers to information because costs of distribution have almost completely disappeared.”


“If knowledge is power, the web is the greatest tool in the history of the world.”


“The process that happens before a story is published has also been transformed.


“The web has become the go-to point for the globe when it comes to getting information; it’s the same for reporters.”


“Online, they find a multiplicity of perspectives and a library of available knowledge that provides the context for stories. Increasingly, the stories are coming from the web.”

Evaluation Unit 11


I personally feel like my Interview went well, after entering well mannered and confident I introduced myself and gave the interviewer a firm hand shake. The interview started with my CV. They gave me instant feedback on how it was, they said it was straight to the point but I should have put the work experience at the top of the page seen as it was the most relevant to the job.

I felt like I took my time to answer all the question confidently and didn’t rush when I was talking. They picked up on this and said that I did come across calm and confident which was going to be needed in the role that I was applying for.

On my CV I had mentioned that I have some software skills but I didn’t write down specifics but I was able to verbally tell them what I could use and do with the software. They also picked up on this and told me that I should go back and update this for the future.

I followed may of the interview techniques that I had research prier to the meeting. I dressed appropriately, researched the company and prepared my answers for the questions I thought was going to be asked.

unit 12 Specialist Study proposal

Tittle –

An in-depth study of how digitalization has had an Impact on the role of the journalist and the industry of journalism.

Aims –

I am going to be researching how the digitalization of media has changed and effected the way the journalist works making the reader go online for there information. I am going to be looking at what the journalist has had to do to adapt to the current needs. The research I intend to carry out will include mainly secondary (academic) but will include some primary in the form of interviews. The secondary research will be collected from textbooks, online journals, Documentaries, Magazines and other books.

My hypothesis for my study is that the digitaliztion of the journalism industry has been for the best and has been one of the best technical advances in a long time. I expect to find out how technical advances has had an impact on journalists lives and how they have had to adapt to accommodate there audience, either this been online or in magazines. I also expect to find out that people have found it a hard transition this not just been the journalist but the read, the fact that they have had to learn how to get there information from somewhere else.

I expect my concussion will be that people have found it hard with this advance and transition but because it wants a overnight change they had the time to get there head around it both the reader and everyone in the journalism industry.

Rationale –

I feel like this will all help me develop as a journalist because I will be building on the skills I have been learning in the past units. For example; my research skills and been able to pin point information, writing in a concise way and using professional techniques. This is going to help me when it comes to my Final Project, which is going to be an online lifestyle magazine, because I will be able to understand what draws people to an online publication rather than print causing the transition of many journalists and how I can adapt my self to the role of a journalist in the current industry.

My online magazine is going to be based on lifestyle, which will include topics like; food and drink, travel, technology and many more. These posts will include feature writing, blog posts and reviews of chosen products.

Bibliography –

Rohumaa, L. and Bradshaw, P. (2011) The online journalism handbook: Skills to survive and thrive in the digital age. New York: Prentice Hall.

Foust, J.C. (2005) Online journalism: Principles and practices of news for the web /. Scottsdale, AZ: Holcomb Hathaway Publishing.

Lareau, L. (2017) The impact of digital technology on media workers: Life has completely changed. Available at: (Accessed: 3 February 2017).

Krotoski, A. (2011) What effect has the internet had on journalism? What effect has the internet had on journalism? Available at: (Accessed: 3 February 2017).

Photojournalism 2

The colour drained moroccan streets of tangier.dsc_0465

Photojournalism 1

New born reindeer at Centre Parcs eating one winter morning.


Literature Review Unit 12.2.1, 12.2.2

Literature Review-

This report is about how digitalization has had an impact on the role of the journalist and the industry of journalism. I am going to be researching how the digitalization of media has changed and effected the way the journalist works making the reader go online for there information. The aim of my research has been to test my hypothesis. I have used both academic and cultural sources. The most of my research is from an academic source and I have chosen to mainly use these sources due to them been valid and had the time and research put in to them because they are all recently published.

My first research source; The online journalism handbook had both strengths and weaknesses to it. This book had key points that will be relevant when it comes to writing my study and I was able to gather plenty of quotes that will be used. Another strength is that it it current and relevant, because it was published in 2011.. Unfortunately, there was more information on how to “thrive in the digital age” than actual the transition and how this has affected the journalist. This source is reliable and will help me write my study essay by giving me quotes on how the digitalization has had a impact on journalism  .

My second source; Online Journalism, this book talks about principles and practices of news for the Web. This book had some relevant information that I will be able to use when it come study but it didn’t have as much as I first thought when looking at the title. It took me a long time to find the reliable and valid quotes within this source which is a weakness of this book. I do think this book is a valid and reliable source to my specialist study and will help me to show how the digitalization of media has impacted journalism.

My third source is an academic journal from online the article is called The impact of digital technology on media workers. This journal has lots of great points and plenty of them I will be able to use in my specialist study. This source is very relevant when it comes to my study due to it been full of key information. This is both valid and relevant to my study essay and it help me when wanting to know how digitalisation has affected specific jobs.

My final source is a newspaper article written by a journalist. The article is called What effect has the internet had on journalism? This article had a few point that I will be able to use but again it took a long time to find what was going to be relevant to my study. I found some information on how the web has affected news reporting and technology has helped this, this is valid because it was a recently published article with recent views and will help me with my Study essay.

Overall, each of the sources I have used are all relevant and valid in some way and will help me when it comes to producing my specialist study. I think Books will help me the most because they have had been created by academics that have been researched before been written meaning that that there more valid to my study.

Evaluation – Unit 10

In the last few weeks I have been producing a portfolio of work, which includes;

  • Five 250-500 word written pieces with quotes.
  • Multimedia package.
  • A blog.
  • A review.
  • Two photojournalism submissions.

In this evaluation I’m going to talk about key principles of journalistic writing and what I did throughout writing all my pieces of work.

Some of these stories have been written differently, some are news stories which include interviews and a formal style. Some are features that have a more relaxed style but are still topical to the target audience. Finally some are photojournalism pieces, all three of these ways of writing include one thing which is opinions both mine and other peoples.

I self sourced most of my stories, there was only a couple that I used the Internet for. For example when writing and producing my Halloween piece I came up with the idea because it was the time of year and I used youtube to help me with a style which is It was different when writing my Brexit vs home article, I came up with and sourced this piece when the UK left the EU so it again was a current event .

I used the Internet to find out facts and figures, but mainly I used interviewing to find out what I needed to know and because I went to interview people I made sure that I talked to my target audience age range.  The stories that I have written about are relevant to the audience because they are all current topics and things that people talk about all the time. I have used both types of research when writing my articles. Primary, I have gone out and interviewed people and got there opinions on the subject. Secondary, I have used the internet and website to help me get the facts and figures right. When thinking about what to write I thought about both me interests and my audience, I had to write articles that I was interested in and willing to spend time on but also the audience was going to like and read and I think I got that balance right.

When thinking about ethical standards, the only one that I could have come across is copyright but I made sure that any quote or image I used was copyright free.

When writing my articles I ensured accuracy and meeting deadlines but keeping to a schedule of having a minimum amount done by a specific time or day. I kept this accurate by keeping the same standard of writing though out.  When conducting interviews I keep it light hearted so the people that I was talking to felt comfortable with talking, so it was very informal and quick but still been professional.

I knew the information that I was picking out was key because it was interesting for me, I thought if I was captured by what I was reading then my target audience would be too. When it came to the concept of planning the only thing I did was think about what I was going to write before starting it, I didn’t write anything down, which is something that I would change if I had to go back. I think the blog piece was easier not better, just because it was all my own opinions that I could get down on paper.

When it comes to strengths and weaknesses about my copy I think there is a couple. I think my strength is Blogs and when it comes to writing my own opinions, I think this is because I just find it easy to get them opinions down on paper and because I am a opinionated person I always have one. Looking at weaknesses that would have to be my interviews because I think I could have gotten more information out of the people I were talking to, this would have giving me more to have a opinion about. Another strength would be time management because I personally think I am good at getting pieces of work done to a specific time.

I do think my work would be fit for publishing becasue the content I have written about is relevant to my target audience and If I was the reader, I would find it interesting and would want to read it. The only problem that I faced when producing my copy was the interview I did on the Black Friday piece because at one point when I tried to interview the lady it was very busy and at one point I thought I was going to be unable to complete it.

When looking back on my work, the only thing I would have done differently is to plan out my copy and story ideas before starting to produce them. This might have give me a more direct focus on how to write the article I was doing at the time.

Simple Cocktails To Try At Home

Everyone loves a drink, if its the weekend and your really going for it or if its just a night In the week when you’ve gone out for a meal.

Cocktails have been around for hundreds of years and there a great way to enjoy having a drink, with so many flavours and tastes its hard to choose which one is for you.

But if your wanting to get in to you cocktails then theres nothing better than to get making them at home and experiment.

Here are just a couple in this short film with all the measurements and information about them.

Has Terror Affected Tourism?

Everyone loves to go abroad to get some sun.

Most of the time it’s with friends or family but this year especially has been a difficult one to say the least.

It’s nothing to do with natural disasters, like hurricanes or tsunamis it’s to do with us humans.

Terrorism and people causing fear is now always going to be in the back of our minds when it comes to paying out hundreds of pound to fly abroad for a week or two but even paying that much, can it buy you a peace of mind?

When looking in to this, tourism has plummeted due to attacks all around the world.

For example, the once popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh has seen a decline of nearly 50 percent in the number of tourists visiting since the horrific terror alerts last year even causing British Airways and Easy jet, both leading airlines, to stop or cancel certain flights to the country.

Even one of the world’s top tourist destinations, Paris, has suffers a 7% fall in visitor numbers which may not seem a huge number but it’s defiantly noticeable to their economy with a loss of one billion euros of income since January 2016.

I went to talk to a holiday maker to see how this issue has effected them and their holidays in the future.

I talked to Danielle Mellor (26), a holiday maker who went traveling for four months including Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia, I asked her if she felt safe or under threat about the reason terrorism attacks.

Danielle said “no not really, I think it was mainly down to me traveling in Asia, if I was in Europe I would have been.”

I then went on to ask if she had been in Europe how would she have felt, she said “uneasy but I refuse to let them control where we go that’s what they want, they try and control us with fear.”

After speaking to someone who isn’t that bothered and still standing strong when it comes to traveling the world I went and talked to someone who is a little more cautious about traveling.

I asked Abbie Clayton (21), an early child care student from Sheffield the same question.

She said “for me it depends who I go with because if I went with someone like my nan I would feel right on edge because I’m the one who would have to protect her.”

Abbie added “If I went with my boyfriend, I would feel calm and relaxed because I know he would be there to protect me.”


Are Dogs Really Mans Best-friends?

To put it simply, dogs are amazing and to some people their dogs are there life.

Whether they’re begging for your food, barking at their lead to convince you to take them on a walk, or simply greeting you when you get home with kiss and a cuddle, dogs do all of the little things that put smiles on faces around the home.

One of the main reasons dogs are how they are being there incredible long term memory.

They won’t forget the connection they share with you and, if you are good to them, you will leave a lasting impact on them that they’ll never shake off.

Another reason is that they will protect you no matter what.

If you are under threat they will always choose you over a stranger.

Wanting to find if people think dogs are really man’s best friend I talked to two people with very different opinions.

Megan Wallace (19) a journalism student from Barnsley said: “dogs are only loyal because you feed them, walk them and keep them warm.

“if it wasn’t for us doing that I don’t think they would care.”

Miya Biggin (17) a journalism student from Sheffield said differently: “I think that dogs are mans best friend because they are loyal and when you are feeling sad they can sense it.

“they comfort you and are always there.”

She added: “however, I think that loyalty and love depends on the breed of the dog.

“I find that big breed like Labradors are more loving and dependable.”dsc_0765

Horrifying Halloween Make-up

Horrifying Halloween makeup –

Halloween seems to be always just round the corner and some people all over the world are obsessed with scaring the living daylight out of people. People just love feeling scared all year round, there’s always a new horror on the TV or at the cinema that will make you jump out of your skin.

To scare someone you have to look the part and people train for years to be great at special effects and making people look terrifying.

Miya Biggin (17) a journalism student from Hillsborough College took her amazing skill to make me look incredibly scary, watch the short video to find out when she realized she had this skill.


Christmas Is Here!

When someone says winter what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Christmas, loved by millions year on year.

It’s the one season when you can fully indulge in the festive spirit without been judged.

It’s the only time when you can get all the decorations down from storage and get creative, the only time you can truly eat what you want and not be frowned upon because it’s Christmas.

I recently took a trip to my favourite place when the dark nights are rolling in and the air is crisp, Centre Parcs.

As soon as it gets to November the lights go up and the Santa songs are pumped out across the grounds, it really does get this festive season off to a good start.

This is one of my favourite things about going, you can experience a little time with all the lights and the cosy fires to kick start Christmas.

Some people see this time of year as a chore and annoying but I feel like if you start it off early to get you in a good mood it makes it so much more enjoyable

Putting a side all the major events in your home at this time of year, a big one for the retailers is there festive items and marketing them.

Starbucks, Costa and even the fast food chains like McDonald’s have jumped on the wagon of making the cups and packaging look extra joyful when it gets to this time of year.

People go crazy over the little changes at this time of year, especially in 2015 when Starbucks released just plain red cups, people were devastated not to have their tall latte in a cup with reindeer or a pattern on it.

Speaking to a Christmas lover I wanted to find out what she thought about these products.

Jodie (15) a secondary school student said; “I love drinking my white chocolate mocha anyway at this time of year but having a festive cup to have it in is a nice extra.”

She added;” I think people did over react in 2015 but I can see where they are coming from, Starbucks could have put a bit more effort in.”dsc_0230

Brexit Effects Household Items

Since Britain was voted to leave the EU many house hold favourites have been affected, from Toblerone to Marmite.

People have been in outrage over the popular manufacturer, Toblerone, after they changed the shape and weight of the iconic chocolate bar. They said it was due to the ingredients costing more but who believes that? Basically we are having to pay the same price as we did a year ago but for a lot less chocolate and that’s all we care about.

The manufacturers of Marmite have also upset fans and supermarkets due to them raising the price of their product, coursing some of them to stop selling the stuff. Other brands have put their prices up Birds Eye as much as 12p and it may not seem a lot but when you’re a fan of fish fingers and peas every penny adds up.


Black Friday

It was the last Friday before December and shops were getting prepared for it.

Commonly known as Black Friday, the prices are slashed and the discounted are huge but stock is normally limited.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November) since 1932.

It has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S.

For us here in the UK it’s a new term when it comes to cheap items, it was first seen here in 2013 at the popular retailer ASDA.

Every year some people take things too far and the crazy discounts drive people to doing things they wouldn’t normally do for a TV.

The first year Britain got Black Friday there was reports of fights and riots for the smallest of items.

There was one shocking story in 2014 of a man getting crushed by a large LED TV falling from the shelfs, so you need to be willing to muscle in for them deals.

A hotel chocolat shop floor worker said; “its black Friday and its not as busy as I thought it would have been, I’m glad its not packed thought”

She added; “its just really upsetting to see the videos of what its like in America. People die just from shopping its stupid to even think about that happening but it does.”


Beef VS Veggie

1 – Beef vs veggie –

There are many types of different burgers in Sheffield, most of them are either beef or veggie.

I took a friend to the British Oak in Mosborough to try out their beef burger and veggie burger.

The beef was layered with brisket caramelized onion is and Stilton topping, whilst the Veggie option was a feta, red onion and spinach patty with cheese.

Both burgers looked incredible, juicy, moist and a pleasure on the eyes.

Megan (19) a journalism student from Hillsborough college went for the veggie burger, whilst I even got the beef.

The beef was tender and succulent everything you want in a burger! It was well presented and a great portion just enough to fill you up but not too much that you can’t move for a week after you’ve finished.

Megan said “I was very optimistic to try the veggie burger at first as I am a big meat eater. However, to my surprise I thought that the veggie burger was even more filling than most other burgers iv tried. It didn’t look as appealing as other burgers, but it tasted great!”

After talking to someone who just eats the burger, I went too talk to the guys that make the burgers.

Talking to a chef at the pub they said: “The beef burger is easily the most popular burger out of the two, both are very nice and taste amazing.”

Over all we love trying just two of the burgers Sheffield has to offer and are looking forward to trying more.

Apple’s New Mac

Apple have just released a new MacBook which is great to the fans of the world, but for us here in the UK there a sickening fact we all have to face.

Its going to cost us just a little bit more, a little been an understatement.

In America you will be able to purchase one of these machines for $1799 which calculates to £1487.00 but for us brits here in the UK it going to cost £312 more, and all of this is from the “brexit tax”, at £1799.

If you’re a student, you can also get an extra $100 off in America which is £80.

So when you take £1487 (the price for the MacBook) and minus the further £80 for been a student it comes out at £1407.

So when thinking about wanting one myself lots of crazy different ideas came to mind, one been if there cheaper in America why not go there. Would it be cheaper or just as much to fly to America pick up the new gadget and fly home?

I went online to search for the cheapest flight I can find, I found a flight from Manchester to New York City for £360.

Its ridiculous to think for £1767 you could fly from the UK to America, visit New York, pick up the new MacBook Pro then fly back.

If you decided just to buy one here in the UK it would cost, you £1799 and all you are getting is the same machine and a very expensive tax charge.

I wanted to find out what the tax payer thought about this and there were some mixed opinions.

Firstly, I talked to Miya Biggin (17), a working journalism student at Sheffield college, and asked her how she felt about paying a lot more for the same product.

Miya said “I think that its absolutely ridiculous that we are having to pay out more money to go towards expensive things. I think we were fine as we were within the EU so there was no point doing the vote in the first place.

She added, “Its really unfair that because we live in the UK we have to pay out more money.”

After speaking to a tax payer I went and tried to interview someone from apple to try and find out some more information about why this increase in price is valid.

An apple spokesperson said “The international rises are based upon several factors including currency exchange rates, taxes and business practices.”


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