I have always wanted a career where I can be active, creative and enjoy my love for dealing with the general public. I had never thought that this career would be in hospitality but since I started my job in a pub last year its opened my eyes to the idea to this course.

Many parts of this course interests me for example; international hospitality been one of them, I love the idea of been able to travel with my future career and meeting people from around the world from different backgrounds and cultures. Another one been marketing, because the current course has help me to develop the skills needed to use complex computer software to create a professional standard of work. I really love working with people. I have great communication skills which I feel are vital for a career in hospitality and can talk to people one to one or as part of a group, I am confident when required and enjoying adding humour where appropriate to entertain an audience. I work well with others which I have successful demonstrated whilst studying at college. I am also very organised and good at prioritizing work to meet deadlines. I am very creative when in a leadership role and I can come up with ideas which grab people’s attention and guide them in the right path. I am also a very determined person and always finish what I have started which leads me to have a good attendance record because I don’t want to miss anything.

From my current studies I have learnt detailed analytical skills and complex process including learning different software like Photoshop and InDesign which I feel confident in using and how found it to be an effective way of communicating my thoughts and ideas.

I have taken part in activities that demonstrate my interests in hospitality the main one been my job. I work in a Pub part time which showed me the path of hospitality. I have been there 12 months and have loved every minute of work, from the customers that come in to the staff that I work with. The reason I am passionate about working in the hospitality business is the challenges I am presented with on a daily basis and having to overcome them. This job has helped me to develop key skills that I am hoping to learn more about on this course, some including communication, organisation and team work. What I am really wanting to learn more about and build on is the business and management side of the hospitality industry which this course will help me to achieve. My passion for hospitality has not gone unnoticed with talks of been promoted to supervisor which was a big complement but at this time in my life my education has to be my priority.

In the last two years at school I had the opportunity to do the Duke of Edinburgh award which included both bronze and silver which I went and completed in full. It was a valuable experience and it helped me to develop more skills from the volunteering, skill and sport. The main skills that I felt I built on was team work and leadership, this was because when you are having to navigate using a map and compass you need to be sure in the decision you are making not only for you but the team and you have to be willing to give it your one hundred percent commitment. I think from doing the Duke of Edinburgh award it will help me when it comes to the management and marketing communications modules within this course. As well as been able to work well within a team I am more than capable to work independently and this allows me to effectively express my creative ideas at my own speed to meet the deadline.  I am a reliable and conscientious student that will give my all with everything and this is because hospitality is where I see my future career.