So we all like to have enough battery on our phones and IPad for the full duration of our trips away and when we don’t it can be a terrible feeling. With this portable charger you can charge your devices over and over again because of its 2500mAH of power.

This charger has a built in micro USB cable and it comes with a 8-pin apple lighting connector which makes it compatible with almost every device. The cable can be neatly tucked away to make it even more compact. Its small (3.7×2.4×0.2in) size is very discreet and can seamlessly fit in to a credit card slot in a conventional wallet which makes it easy to carry. The build of this charger is strong and robust, with a metal casing that is thick enough to keep the battery safe but light enough to not be cumbersome. The designer of this one have hit the nail on the head.

In my opinion I look for a charger that covers three main things: price, size and power and I think this one has every single aspect of that covered. For £15 you get a reliable product that can be used easily, that’s going to keep your devices running and that’s going to be simple to carry. That is all you need right?And now that it’s the run up to Christmas this would be a great wrap up for anyone stocking so treat someone to having a fully charged phone, that way theres no excuse for them to not reply to a text or answer when the phone rings.