1. Singer in a new band which has just released a new EP –

D – Where did the inspiration for the song come from ?
O – Some people have began to say the song is inappropriate and offensive, how would you like to respond to these proposals ?

A – What’s next for you ?
2. Manager of an animal rescue centre which has had a surge in abandoned pets –

D – What is the most common pet you see been abandoned ?
O – Some people are beginning to say that the conditions you are keeping these animals are bad for them, how would you like to respond to them allegations ?

A – What will happen to the animals once they are here ?
3. Headteacher of a school who where 50% of the students have to re-sit there GCSE English –

D – What is the average grade that your students have been able to achieve ?
O – In this situation people are saying your at fault, who would you say is at fault in this situation ?

A – What will be the plan to make sure next years students won’t do the same thing ?
4. Mum of teenage girl launching a fundraising campaign to pay for lifesaving cancer treatment in America –

D – What gave hear the idea to do this incredible act ?
O – Some people are saying that we already give enough to cancer and the treatments, what would you say to them people ?

A – What will come from this in the future for your daughter ?
5. Fire chief investing a blaze which gutted a terraced house in Sheffield –

D – What set the fire off ?
O – In your professional opinion, do you think it was done on purpose ?

A – What will be needed for the owners to get there home back to the way it was ?