My personality profile on Jony Ive.

Jonathan Ive the chief designer of Apple is beginning to settle down in to the new role since the death off Steve jobs, best know as the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc, now going on to the new release of the iPhone 6s.

Before moving to Apple Jony/as he was know by his friends worked at a company called Tangerine who was in the process of creating a PowerBook, Apple had been attempting to recruit him for a full time job in the states for two years without any success but after another year of trying Apple finally managed to get Ive in to the job.

The 47-year-old, born and raised in Essex made the huge step to move to san Francisco to work for one of the largest company’s in the world in 1992, to design the bondi blue iMac G3 which was one of the most iconic PC’s of that age.

Not wanting to stop on his path to the top, he “masterminded the aesthetics of the iPod” both in 2007 and in 2011, this then pushed Jonny to go on and design and utilise the famous click-wheel design.

Now in 2015 the new iPhone are on sale and Jonny has a lot to say about them:

“We’re surrounded by anonymous, poorly made objects. It’s tempting to think it’s because the people who use them don’t care — just like the people who make them

“But what we’ve shown is that people do care

“It’s not just about aesthetics

“They care about things that are thoughtfully conceived and well made

“We make and sell a very, very large number of (hopefully) beautiful, well-made things

“Our success is a victory for purity, integrity — for giving a damn.

Jonny was referring to how the iPhone proved that consumers are not “price-obsessed philistines” but are willing to pay top dollar for products that are well designed.

Apple’s focus on quality over quantity allows the company to snag between 60 and 70 percent of the phone industry.

Jony avoids publicity and stated in March 2014 that Jobs was his “closest friend”, a person he finds it “odd and tough to talk about”, as “it doesn’t feel that long ago that he died”. He goes a head to say that he was an inspiration to Ives and everyone one else at Apple.images