This adverts shows us that we still see in the media, women are still used as sex objects even though we have come a long way forward from the 1970s when they were widely sourced. They have done this in the media to draw peoples attention in to buying what is been displayed which would mainly be women.


Most people have oppositional views about this advert and have complained about it by turning to social media. It was gotten so bad that people have vandalized the posters and turned to taking photos next the images and have posted them on the various media sites.


Most of these advertisements are very stereotypical to use now in 2015 and women would find these offensive and would have a oppositional reading. but in them days in the 1950 they would have been seen as the normal and woman would have had a dominant reading because they did do all the house work and did look after the children in the day and the men just did go out to work and took care of the money side of the family. Back in to 2015 the majority of adverts are still seen as the women still doing them jobs because in the media it is still seen as the normal but in some scenarios and in some adverts we do see the man doing the house work and looking after the children but these are much rarer than they should be in today’s society.


These actions represents the view that sexualised representations of women are an aspect of the exploitation of women within a male dominated society. This image does represent the idea of a feminism point of view and how there show be equal rights to both men and women.