Literature Review-

This report is about how digitalization has had an impact on the role of the journalist and the industry of journalism. I am going to be researching how the digitalization of media has changed and effected the way the journalist works making the reader go online for there information. The aim of my research has been to test my hypothesis. I have used both academic and cultural sources. The most of my research is from an academic source and I have chosen to mainly use these sources due to them been valid and had the time and research put in to them because they are all recently published.

My first research source; The online journalism handbook had both strengths and weaknesses to it. This book had key points that will be relevant when it comes to writing my study and I was able to gather plenty of quotes that will be used. Another strength is that it it current and relevant, because it was published in 2011.. Unfortunately, there was more information on how to “thrive in the digital age” than actual the transition and how this has affected the journalist. This source is reliable and will help me write my study essay by giving me quotes on how the digitalization has had a impact on journalism  .

My second source; Online Journalism, this book talks about principles and practices of news for the Web. This book had some relevant information that I will be able to use when it come study but it didn’t have as much as I first thought when looking at the title. It took me a long time to find the reliable and valid quotes within this source which is a weakness of this book. I do think this book is a valid and reliable source to my specialist study and will help me to show how the digitalization of media has impacted journalism.

My third source is an academic journal from online the article is called The impact of digital technology on media workers. This journal has lots of great points and plenty of them I will be able to use in my specialist study. This source is very relevant when it comes to my study due to it been full of key information. This is both valid and relevant to my study essay and it help me when wanting to know how digitalisation has affected specific jobs.

My final source is a newspaper article written by a journalist. The article is called What effect has the internet had on journalism? This article had a few point that I will be able to use but again it took a long time to find what was going to be relevant to my study. I found some information on how the web has affected news reporting and technology has helped this, this is valid because it was a recently published article with recent views and will help me with my Study essay.

Overall, each of the sources I have used are all relevant and valid in some way and will help me when it comes to producing my specialist study. I think Books will help me the most because they have had been created by academics that have been researched before been written meaning that that there more valid to my study.