To make our interview we started thinking about relative and current questions that we could ask students around the college. We need to think carefully about what we were asking so that the questions were “open”, which means that the interviewee has more that one thing to say about the topic and they can put there opinions across. They don’t leave the us with a one word answer which is way to short for the vox pop. The group took turns in using to the microphone so we could all have a go.

Some of the problems we had to over come was the environment. By this I mean the background noise, with people around the collage making sound it sometimes put the interviewee off or it was just to loud and the microphone would pick it up. So when this happened to us we had to think of a good place in the college that was quiet and didn’t have much human activety because we want to make the sound seem crips and clean. Another problem we had to overcome was with the interviewee themselves, it can be quit intimidating to answer a random persons question. We had to make them feel confutable which we did by talking to them first about the question before we even turned on the microphone. Even though we did this there were sometime laughing so we just had to stay calm and carry on. One of the last problem that I had to over come was Actually approaching people of all different ages around the college, because sometimes it can be slightly intimidating. The last problem was actually when it came to uploading and saving our work and because we were in a PC room we didn’t have the software to be able to do that. So we had to move in to a MAC room and even then there were some further problems, the internet was down so we had to save all our work on to a memory stick as a back up so that we knew it was saved.

Some of the key rules when writing a radio script is the 5w’s. these are; WHO, WHAT, WERE, WHEN and WHY. This is so you can get all the information that your views\listeners want to here in such a small space of time and space. You have to keep it short and snappy so that you don’t loose the interest of people. Another thing is that you don’t want to use complicated words so when you do come to recording it you don’t slip up on the long words because when you do your just wasting time. You want to keep the punctuation simple because adding lots can make your script hard to read and it could slow it down to much. Lastly you should avoid abbreviations because not everyone knows and understands them also its not clear and that could be bad for a radio script.

After writing my script me and a partner swapped work so we could give each other feedback on the work we had done. One of the things i had to change was in my iPhone 7 piece, which was that my opening sentence was structured like a headline and needed something adding to it to make sense for a radio bulletin. My partner then went on to say that both of my pieces were “short and snappy” and that they both “covered the 5w’s.”