I gathered information from Miya Biggin and Megan Wallace to conduct the following review of my double page magazine feature. These to young people are of the age that my article is targeting so it will be good to get the feedback from them.

We started with the quality of the article its self. They both said that it was an informative article that was innovative but also had some humour throughout that really target the right audience. They then went on to say that the topic of the article was relevant to the age range, mainly because more and more young people are going away on holiday and need the right information to choose where and when to go.

I then asked them about the image quality and they said it looked great and the colour in the image paired lovely with the black background but they did say that the white quote needed something else to make it stand out. They further went on to say that the font looked really good but could have been handwritten to get a more relaxed feel and because of this that is one of the things that I am going to have a play about with. The overall design of the spread was great and easy to navigate and both Miya and Megan said that it was eye catching and eye pleasing.

When it comes to the title both of the people in my focus group said it was straight to the point and punchy. Megan said that the main strengths of the article were that it provides adverse options to a holiday because it shows that you can go out and party but then relax at the same time.

An area for improvement would have to be the fonts, to find something even more eye catching and bold.

The overall appeal for the target audience is positive and I can confidently argee.