Here is a link that takes you the BBC website that has some short videos on the recent achohol changes.  With in these videos they use some camera angles that i would like to incorporate in to my short video, one of them is directing the camera straight in to the eyes of the person you are interviewing. Another is the camera just of to there right or left.

This is another link that takes you to the Drinkaware website that explains further about the changes, the short video used has some great features again that i would like to use. The lighting is bright and airy and the focus is on the information been given. The one thing that i would like to add to these videos is a humerus side to the changes.

This video has come great camera angles and shots that i would like to recreate when filming my own. Also having the person talking whilst other pieces of footage is playing is a good idea because you match up the worlds to the atmosphere in the place you are filming.