There is lots of advice for people on interviews and techniques that they can uses to make themselves look and feel better towards a  employer for a job, here are some do’s and dont’s for them.

DO’S –

research – by doing research on the company or employer you can create a more personal interview that will stand you out from the crowd and know about the position you are going for shows you are interested in the job and your not going to slack once you get it.

Knowing the questions – you can’t know all of them but there are some that are quite common, if you know these you can plan and structure your answer better so you can again stand out from the crowd.

Dress appropriately – by doing this you can set a good impression to the person doing the interview. If you are dress appropriately they can tell you are serious about the job and once you get it you are going to have the same mind set. If you get the job you are are not only going to be representing the company, you are representing the person who employed you.

Been prepared – there is been mentally prepared where you are combating nerves and you are getting your self together before the interview, but the main one is been physically prepared. Having the correct paper work and information details, if you are not then it may show that you won’t be come to that job prepared and you will forget things and mess up.

Been polite – Be polite and thankful to everyone you meet; you never know whose opinion will count. And if you are nice to everyone on the interview they know your going to be if you get the job.

Eye contact – if there isn’t any eye contact in the interview then what’s it going to be like on the job? There’s going to be no connection from you to the person giving you the job and if there isn’t then there’s going to be no connection from you to the work your producing.

Enthusiasm – you need to be enthusiastic towards the job that your been interviewed for. If you are then the person doing the interview knows your going to have the same enthusiasm towards the job, the time you arrive and the quality of work your producing.

Notes – write notes about the interview, you don’t want to come away and forget what they have said due to nerves or you missing something that could be important. Also if you right notes before you go in you know what you need to know and you won’t miss things out during the interview.

Be punctual – arriving just 10 minutes before your interview would show the person your serious about the job and if you get it your always going to be on time, not only to work but with assessments and projects.


Rehearsals – don’t rehears your answers too much, you don’t want the person interviewing you to think you are resisting them from memory because if you do it could show you as been not confident with you and your answers. Just be prepared to answer them on the spot and them been unique.

Smell – having to much aftershave and perfume  on you at a interview could make the person think you are trying to hard but having a strong smell of smoke could show you to spend to much time with a cigarette in hand than doing work.

Been late – if you are late on purpose then this could let your employer know that anything they ask you to do like the time you need to be in work for and any projects your going be late. It also could show that your not serious about the position.

Arriving stressed – if you arrive stressed your employer will be able to tell and feel that stress but they won’t know that you may not normally be like that they will think that that is you. You don’t want to create a false persona of your self.

Fidget – if you Slouch, fidget, or yawn while being interviewed they may not take you seriously because it could show what you may be like on the job. Don’t chew gum or bring food or drink into an interview because it not a great impression to present yourself with.

Convocation – don’t tell jokes or bring up controversial topics because you don’t know them and there boundaries to able to push them.

Been self-aggrandising – you don’t want to make them think you have no falls and your perfect because they know that no one is and by you telling you are they might see that as been fake and you not accepting yourself.

Past employers – Don’t speak negatively about your current or former company, boss, or coworkers because this could show the one that is interviewing you that you may not be a nice person, plus they may know or be friends with the people you are talking about.

Answering questions – Don’t answer every question that they ask you with a simple “yes” or “no” because this shows them that you may not be very confident with your answers and this could lead on to the work you may have to produce if you get the job.

mobile phone – Don’t answer your phone, check messages, or text during an interview because this would show them that if you can do in front of the you would do it when you are doing the job.

Person gain – Don’t indicate that you’re only interested in the job because of the salary, benefits, or geographic location. Don’t indicate that you intend the job to be a “stepping stone” to something else because they will choose someone who is going to stick with them.

The way you act –  Don’t act desperate to take the job and beg them. This would make them feel uncomfortable and make them not want to give you the job.