Apple have just released a new MacBook which is great to the fans of the world, but for us here in the UK there a sickening fact we all have to face.

Its going to cost us just a little bit more, a little been an understatement.

In America you will be able to purchase one of these machines for $1799 which calculates to £1487.00 but for us brits here in the UK it going to cost £312 more, and all of this is from the “brexit tax”, at £1799.

If you’re a student, you can also get an extra $100 off in America which is £80.

So when you take £1487 (the price for the MacBook) and minus the further £80 for been a student it comes out at £1407.

So when thinking about wanting one myself lots of crazy different ideas came to mind, one been if there cheaper in America why not go there. Would it be cheaper or just as much to fly to America pick up the new gadget and fly home?

I went online to search for the cheapest flight I can find, I found a flight from Manchester to New York City for £360.

Its ridiculous to think for £1767 you could fly from the UK to America, visit New York, pick up the new MacBook Pro then fly back.

If you decided just to buy one here in the UK it would cost, you £1799 and all you are getting is the same machine and a very expensive tax charge.

I wanted to find out what the tax payer thought about this and there were some mixed opinions.

Firstly, I talked to Miya Biggin (17), a working journalism student at Sheffield college, and asked her how she felt about paying a lot more for the same product.

Miya said “I think that its absolutely ridiculous that we are having to pay out more money to go towards expensive things. I think we were fine as we were within the EU so there was no point doing the vote in the first place.

She added, “Its really unfair that because we live in the UK we have to pay out more money.”

After speaking to a tax payer I went and tried to interview someone from apple to try and find out some more information about why this increase in price is valid.

An apple spokesperson said “The international rises are based upon several factors including currency exchange rates, taxes and business practices.”