Here are my 4 plans for creating my own website. In the first one as you can see i have taken the inspiration from the site i found on Awwwards which is a film reel which when you as a piece of information it add a film content to the reel. When you start to add more and more content to the reel, you will be able to interact with the reel and you will be able to move the wheel to get to the content. This idea is an unconventional concept which means it doesn’t follow a normal pattern. This idea would be great if i was just posting film blogs because it is a “film reel” but i wouldn’t be just posting them things so i wouldn’t want to turn people about because they thought it was a fully film site.

In the next design is another unconventional concept which consist of a tree or plant and this will be the home screen, when hovering then over a branch or leaf it will zoom in and then take you to the information been stored on that branch. then every time a new piece of information is been put on to the site a new branch will be added to the tree. The tree will either be a cartoon tree or a realistic version of that. The idea is that as time goes on the tree will become larger and the branches fuller meaning it hold more information and becomes more and more knowledgable.

My third design is yet again a unconventional concept, the reason is i think these concepts are more original and personal to the individual created,  it is an image of the side of a plane which may seem odd but the idea is there. When looking at the plane all the window shutters are down and when moving your mouse over them the shutters raise and then allow you to click though to the information. This idea would be great if i was always writhing about travel and holidays, as with the film reel idea, but I’m not just writing about one thing. It could be something different every week so i don’t want people coming to the site and seeing the home page and clicking off because they thing its dedicated to one subject when its not.

My final design is a conventional concept in the style of masonry. The reason for this is because it looks current and modern with what we have now in the website word,with pintrest and tumbler already using these layouts. The idea is to have a wall of doors that can be scrolled right and left, because of the amount of content that may be added in the future. The idea is that when the curser of the mouse hovers overt the door it will simply light up like a spot light and then when clicking on the door you would enter in to the information. The main content letting you know was is inside each “room” as you will will be displayed on the door like a poster or or in some different sort of way.